CBC News (Canada's state media) banned me for spreading misinformation! Here's what they won't let you know about Covid

We supposedly have freedom of thought, speech, and expression here in Canada. But our tax dollars pay for state propaganda (CBC) that censors and bans anyone who questions the official narrative! Here are 3 things I've discovered you can't say right now in Canada, with links to more information from various independent sources.

1.) "Look at Sweden and Israel."

I make this point when an article or comment says "countries with high vaccinations and heavy lockdowns have few deaths, and countries with less vaccinations and lockdowns have many deaths".

Sweden has not mandated vaccines, and never locked down. We never hear about them, because after 2 initial waves of illness, their population achieved herd immunity. They're living free, their economy is doing fine, and nobody there gets sick now.

Israel was first in the world to vaccinate, first with 3rd doses, first with vaccine passports, and has used harsh, lengthy lockdowns. We never hear about them either. That's because they're suffering the highest rate of hospitalizations yet, deaths are spiking, they're starting 4th doses, and segregating society. They're living a nightmare and it's just getting worse.

Sweden and Israel, along with several other major countries, don't fit the official pro-vaccine-passport narrative. Bringing them up is verboten.

2.) "The hospital protests are peaceful, organized by nurses against vaccine mandates."

Recently, the pro-freedom anti-lockdown weekend rallies were joined by larger mid-week protests near major hospitals across Canada. They were organized by 5 nurses and their supporters in response to health-care workers being mandated to take the Covid injections.

I attended a large event in Kelowna BC three weeks ago, and another last week outside a government health office. Hundreds of nurses joined thousands of other protesters outside their places of work. There were a lot of signs, cheers, honks of support, and peaceful defiance of bad laws. Vaccine mandates and passports were the two main issues. It was a positive day of having our voices heard, being seen, and standing in solidarity against oppression. I heard from contacts across the country, and saw their footage - September 1st was a historic day of lawful protest in dozens of cities. I had a great time - please click the links and watch my firsthand footage.

Immediately, mayors, premiers, and the crime sinister himself came out against the protests, slandering them as "anti-nurse", violent, disruptive, and harmful to patients. CBC deleted any comments on their articles that spoke the truth, which is there were no disruptions or violence seen across Canada, despite hundreds of thousands attending, and that it was nurses who organized the protests. Here's the approved top comment:

"This wasn’t a peaceful protest.
This was an angry mob attacking health care workers.
What is wrong with these people?"

As many as 20% of nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers are expected to leave their positions over the forced injections. This is collapsing a healthcare system that has been short of nurses and other professionals for years. We couldn't afford to lose 1 nurse, but we're losing thousands, all at once. The staffing shortages are causing a lot of turmoil. Instead of admitting nurses are walking out over being made to take injections they don't want or need, the media claims the nurses are "quitting because they're upset about the protests". What a convoluted pile of unsubstantiated bullshit!

Another lie being told about these protests is that attendees are all "anti-vaxxers". I spoke with dozens of people, as did friends of mine at that event and others. Most people were there because they're against mandates, and passports (which both violate our guaranteed Charter rights as Canadians), not because they're against vaccines. I met several people who told me they've had 2 shots, but won't comply with passports, and are willing to die on that hill. These people are peaceful, but they're serious about being free, and they're not going to enslave themselves with digital IDs required to access society. They're anti-tyranny, not anti-vaccine. These are educated people who believe in medical ethics like informed consent.

The lies continue day by day, and fallout is ongoing, despite there having been only the 2 protests so far. Today, CBC says "no protest zones" around hospitals, schools, and other infrastructure would be legal and appropriate. Perhaps something like that was the agenda all along, to put a damper on the unrest they know is coming as things get even more tyrannical? We'll have to see how it plays out, I guess. One thing's for certain - you're not allowed to tell/show people these protests are anti-tyranny and peaceful. The narrative MUST be that they are anti-healthcare and dangerous.

3.) "Ivermectin"

Ivermectin - you know.... the cheap, safe, well-understood, available, and effective cure for Covid-19 (and many other viruses and parasites) - is one of the most censored words on CBC. You can get an F-bomb around the algorithms/moderators easier than the word Ivermectin.

Not just that, but if you merely HINT at it in conversation, an auto-generated barrage of fake accounts blasts you with illogical and fallacious responses. Like this:

Comment: We should all take the vaccines gladly even if they have some flaws. There are no alternatives.
Me: What if there WAS something, already safely in use for 40 years in hundreds of millions of people, that isn't being mentioned here?
Bot1: Oh LOL you mean horse goop? If you take that you'll kill yourself even faster than Covid! Idiot.
Bot2: It's unsafe, and it doesn't work, it's for livestock not humans!
Bot1: Good luck with the horse paste! LOL
Bot3: You're totally lying, it doesn't work, you got that from FaceBook and you're going to get people killed!

In reality, Ivermectin is why we don't hear about India's collapsing health care system anymore. They gave people Ivermectin, when they had symptoms or even before, and the pandemic was GONE in weeks. Several other countries have obliterated Covid with Ivermectin in the past few months. No reports of serious unwanted effects, as expected. But you'll never hear about it in Canada, or most other Western nations participating in the Covid agenda.

I got so tired of ignorant people slandering/censoring Ivermectin, and trying to coerce vaccines into everyone, I made this notice:

Feel free to share that around and put it on your profiles!

Common Denominator

How do the 3 most censored things in Canada right now fit together? What agenda is being force through here?

'Take the injections and the digital passport. There are no alternatives, and there will be no exemptions. You no longer have the right to peacefully protest. Comply.'

Anyone countering that agenda by speaking the truth is silenced. So yes, I've been banned from expressing my opinion on Canada's state-run propaganda network. I suppose, to be accused of "spreading false information" by professional propagandists means I'm on the right track! I should consider it a badge of honour.

A wise man once said, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

Along the same lines, another said "if you're not on some kind of government list, there's something wrong with you!"

Since I'm about as far from adjusted to this sick society as I could be, and probably on a lot of lists, I guess I'm doing pretty well.

One last thing:

CBC News should be "Banned for Spreading Misinformation"!


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