Nurses join crowd Blasting CBC News and Vaccine Mandates

▶️ Covid injections are becoming increasingly mandatory for Canadians, and vaccine passports just went into effect. Vaccinated or not, people are against this overreach and blatant power grab. Peaceful grassroots protests have increased in size recently, and 2 weeks ago, Canadian Frontline Nurses held protests across the country in front of hospitals. This led to media headlines like "anti-vaxx protesters attack nurses", nothing but lies. More and more people know the mainstream media is blatantly controlling perceptions, not investigating stories and keeping the public informed.

Today, September 13th, another round of peaceful rallies was held across Canada, and the media is already claiming it was violent, it was anti-nurse, it was anti-science, etc. "Protesting where sick people are! That's wrong! People in their most vulnerable state! How dare they attack and abuse patients, and nurses!" Insane levels of propaganda going on, to create a false narrative and demonize those standing up against tyranny.

Thank you for seeing through the lies.

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THIS JUST IN: Just as the protest ended today, CBC announced MANDATORY Covid injections for ALL nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers! Wow. Another huge round of walkouts is coming. Hospitals and care homes will lose at least 20% of their staff, and they don't have any they can spare to lose. Imagine how massive today's protest would have been, if the announcement hadn't been held off until end of day?!


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