If I Could Turn Back to Any Day... Hive Naija Weekly Prompt | Edition 34

There are ceremonies that are remarkable that we wish they keep reoccurring. Sometimes we wish for them to recur because we failed to do what is needed of us to do. Graduation is one way we celebrate our milestones, our years of perseverance and dedication in accomplishing our dreams. In our educational system, we begin the graduation ceremony right from elementary school till the tertiary.

If I could turn back to any day in the past month and a half, it would surely be that of my brother's graduation ceremony. It was a great day for our family and it's a day that keeps ringing a bell and one I wish I could go back to every minute of it.

The day started with my brother waking up early to get his things ready, his shoes were well polished, suit ironed to perfection and the house was buzzy as we all helped him to get ready for the long awaited day even though things weren't going well in the home.

His journey in secondary school had been one to talk home about, he was brilliant and popular. He anticipated so much from the school. Seeing him in his graduation gown filled me with great joy, seeing all his hard work, sacrifices, sleepless nights and the commitment he had put into his studies paying off as he graduated as one of the best students.

Unfortunately, we were unable to attend the celebration due to the health of an aunt. My aunt had been hospitalized just days before the graduation party, casting a gloomy shadow over what should have been a joyous occasion.

Regardless, we were able to watch the events through video recordings, though we missed the chance of being physically present to cheer him and support him as family, it was a situation he understood.

The most emotional moment was during the award ceremony, as my brother's name was called and he walked proudly to the stage to accept his accolades. It was a bittersweet moment for our family, filled with pride for his achievements but filled with sadness for not being able to share in the celebration firsthand.

Looking back, that day was a reminder of the essence of determination. If I could go back to any day, it would be that day again. It was a day filled with mixed emotions, it was an occasion we were supposed to support him as family but the health of my aunt left us in the hospital. We were happy for him and he understood that perfectly, we were only able to see what happened through photos and the gists he told us.

If I could go back to any day, it would be that one, gracing the occasion and cheering my brother would send a whirlwind of emotions, being surrounded by his family would add color to the atmosphere but all happen for a reason. I do know that there would be so many other celebrations in the future and we would celebrate them in good health as a family.

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