Music is life... I'm sure you must have heard that statement somewhere before or you must have said so before if you are a music lover like myself. I love music for so many things that I can't begin to mention and there are even some other things I love music for that I don't even know why. When it comes to music there are so many things I want to look at before I can say a song is good or not.


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For me, when I say music, what comes to mind is first the harmony and then the melody and by melody I mean the lyrics of the song. I know for some persons they can listen to music without melody but I always prefer mine with melodies, that way I get to find myself in the music. It's through the melody of the song I get to relate better with a music so if it's not there it's quite hard to do so except the harmony is just exceptional.

Over the years we've heard so many genres of music like jazz, afrobeat, gospel, country, pop, hip pop, rock and so many more. With every passing of time, things keep changing and this shows how dynamic music is which makes it something that people can't get tired of listening to or creating. People continue to get inspired through most of the music they listen to. Music continues to be a blessing to almost every one that listens to it.


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In all my years of listening to music, I've tried not to be so selective of what genre of music to listen to (I prefer to be selective of the melody and harmony instead like I mentioned before). But then I've come to realize that I'm more attached to pop songs because of the life that seems to always be in it. But in all, I enjoy any music that speaks to me and make me find purpose in myself.

Music is dynamic like I've mentioned earlier but then I do appreciate those music of old a lot because those music were given a lot of attention and respect compare to what we see today. Well, I can't say the musicians of today are not doing well but then it's quite obvious that those before them did better despite the fact that they have limited resources as to what these days musicians have.

Well, despite the fact that these days musicians are not doing as much as I expect, there are still some that stand out today and I must acknowledge that fact. Good music is always going to be every where, we just have to look a little more and we will find it. I do like to explore the music world once in a while to keep myself updated of good music and I will keep doing so.

I do think that the music of today are still trying to meet up to standard and I must commend them for that. I guess the people that produced music before them set the standards too high but they are still trying anyways. Like I said music changes and that is one thing we just have to get use to. But we must always bear in mind that not all music deserve a second listen.

I do hope I've been able to share my thoughts with you on this, until next time, stay AWESOME and JIGGY!!!

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