SpeekPeece Challenge Week 1: Through the storm and in it all

I did not know if I was going to be writing today but there is something that comes with the territory that just pushes you into your element.

Prior to the #speekpeece movement, I never considered that I might have to fight internal battles. All things that could go wrong went wrong. Not just that, my patience was tested in the most trivial ways and so was my ability to dispel negative thoughts and emotions.

I really never thought that I could be incited to get angry to the point that I'll cry. It all started in my home then extended to businesses outside and eventually Hive. I kept asking myself, what the heck now?

Dreemie coming up with the breathing exercises was no small thought because she must have experienced so much. Several times a day, I'd isolate myself to breathe. Whenever I left the house, it would be war within me.

I mean, come on lady. Get moving.
Seriously, how slow can a car go? Is this a machine or a tortoise?
Are you freaking kidding me?! Ask me that dumb question one more time...
Hey! What are you staring at? Never seen a girl before?
Seriously, watch it. Are you blind or something?

I never said those out loud but I was sure about to have an outburst. The only people I seemed to want to be around were the kids and the new fluffy puppy.

If anyone told you that peace comes with no hassle, my dear friend, I disagree. It was in this month I got to understand peace in the storm. Do you know that peace isn't all about quiet? Yeah. Dreemie said it all here.

What peace is, is the constant thrum of your heart following a compass home despite the stagnant waters and darkness. It is laughter and joy amidst pain. It is that gentle caress, the small whisper of your roots. The force within conquering without.

So, I may be quite distant and unstable sometimes but that is what testifies of my humanity. It shovels the walkway covered in lies and delusions that I can do it alone. It calls me back to earth.

The coming week may be a lot harder than this one...I don't know but what I do know now, is that Peace is not always silent. I don't think it ever is. Peace is smiling through tears, laughing through pain and waltzing through the stress.

And I must acknowledge the fact that when the stress comes, people are there to help through it. In my case, some little kids. They have been quite the audience and it always feels refreshing when they come to me with their stories😂.

It's already working...the PEECE within😁

Image by Matt Hardy on Pexels

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