Peace and Quiet: #speekpeece begins!

Tomorrow we begin!

or... maybe like @sam9999 you've been ready for this and started today! (yep I already saw your tasks!!)

❤️If you need encouragement, read this whole post.❤️

** OR ...If you are ready to GO and are thinking** "You talk too much, Dreem, just give me the instructions so I can begin!!" 😂😂 then you can just...


Yesterday, I decided that no matter how I felt, I was pushing forward and starting this challenge and then...something miraculous happened.

Dawn broke.

Have you heard that saying before? I'm not sure how scientific it is, but it certainly feels that way. Right before a breakthrough, we have the toughest hurdle to cross. Why? Because the "voices inside our head" that are fueled with lies and fear and insecurities WANT us to fail. And deep down, those fears only have power when we surrender. They only have control when we hand it over.

When we stand in the face of the fears and say...'so what if I fail? I'm doing it anyway.' -THAT is when the illusion shatters and you render those fears powerless and benign.

I know that many of you are struggling. I have had no less than 6 people reach out to me and say they're not sure if they can do it. And here is my answer to that: I love you, and I'm cheering for you- regardless of what you do/don't do.

Maybe you feel like you can't, but then you join us in a few days when you realize you actually can! We are here, waiting. This is for each individual to grab the opportunity...or not. If not now? You can always do it in your own time, on your own schedule. There isn't a wrong time. The benefit of doing it now is that you won't be alone.

Get yourself some Truth-tellers

Yesterday, it was the darkest before the dawn- hands down. And some of you knew just how dark it got, and I won't even name you. Thank you for the HOURS of love pouring into me. I went to bed last night and woke up this morning a completely different person. Its.unbelievable how strong lies can be....but it is indescribable how TRUTH will defeat them every.single.time.

So find yourself some people who know what is true, and when the lies come to haunt you....unleash those truth warriors and stick very close to them. ❤️ They are absolutely invaluable.

Believe that you so worthwhile.

Let that be the truth that resonates with you today and begins you on this journey. You are unique and precious in all the world..and you are alive for a reason - to bring who you are to all of us.

But you can't #speekpeece, unless you HAVE peace. And I think many of us have been asking for "peace and quiet" and have been settling for quiet.

Peace is not the same as quiet.

Quiet can sometimes trick you into thinking that peace is there too, but when the anxiety increases with then noise, you realize that peace was never there to begin with. True peace is there, regardless of the noise. Storms can disturb the quiet, but peace can exist in the midst of a disaster. That's what we need first... and that's what is so scary to so many right now.

Because in order to test that peace, we might have to revisit some demons. And they have given us "quiet" for a long time. But maybe today starts the journey when we get that peace we've been seeking.

I can't heal anyone, and I can't fix you. I can only try to understand what you're feeling, and reassure you that though it's hard, it's worth it. Peace is worth it. and YOU are worth it .

Long post. Lots of heart. So much love for you. Ready?


You can always come back to this post ....or this post HERE .. to remind yourself what this is all about. The intensity might sneak up on you, and start to crush you out of the blue . These posts are here to "hug your heart", and also, you can jump into #speekpeece room in our discord channel to share your joys/sadness, fears/victories. Just remember, you're not alone.

  • Each day, fill out this daily task sheet. No posting necessary, but if you WANT to post and share what you're experiencing...GO FOR IT.

  • For FRIDAY we will be doing the posting challenge submitted to DreemPort. On TUESDAY, I will give you the topic. But for now just get started with the daily tasks.

They are simple... but the more you put your heart into it....the more difficult they can be. Just try ❤️

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