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Valentine is actually a season of love, people use this period to express how much they love in words, and some present some gifts to their love ones just to express how much they love and value them.

This year valentine has not really being the best for me though.... It was very lonely and boring one for me
I was indoors, I didn't buy a gift for anyone neither did I received any.
But I have received random messages from family, friends and love ones , this is the only thing that cheer me up.

On the February 14th, from morning till 4:30pm in the evening I was having an amazing relationship with my bed.

So around 5:30pm I left for church it was ash Wednesday, the Catholics can relate.



After ash Wednesday in the church, we were on our way home, I heard people talking from a distance, they were exchanging words .
I was walking towards their direction, till I get to the scene .
Although it wasn't really a big crowd, but people were upto eight in number there, with ladies voice being dorminant.

I was hearing "why do you go out with my man?"

The other one was saying;" he chooses me over you what was I supposed to do"

The man was trying to explain, he said; " both of you should calm down", but both ladies were still exchanging words, calling each other names....

So I had to confront the other lady, because from what I was hearing she was the one married to the man, but her friend went out on valentine's dinner with her husband without her consent, and as fate would have it, she caught them on her way back from ash Wednesday.

Our conversation went thus;

Me: Hi ma'am good evening, you look so responsible, I saw you in the church and we just finished our ash Wednesday what happened?

She: my dear, have you seen this life, don't trust anyone.

Me: ma'am how?

She: this lady here has claimed to be my friend for years now, I have been complaining to her about my husband recent attitude towards me, but she keep pitying me in my front and keep hurting me in my back. She has been the reason my husband has been given me attitude but once I complain to her, she keep saying I pray he will change.

Me: 🙄🙄😱 you say....

Her: Today I have finally catch her, instead of being remorseful, she has the guts to tell me that my husband chooses her over me.
Can you imagine that?

I was about saying something, but the husband cut in immediately

Husband: honey, It's the work of the devil, she has been the one pressurizing me to leave you, and saying all sort of things about you. I didn't know she is like this. please get in the car let's go home and settle this amicably, I promised it won't happen again.

The wife's friend starting shouting; if she get in to the car I will drag her out, she said; remember you promised me a luxurious treat tonight, so she can't spoil it.

The man was furious, he shouted: get out of here you home breaker.

He pleaded with the wife to the get in the car that everything will be settled amicably at home, the witness joined in pleading with the wife, and she did.

The car zoom off.

The wife's friend was there shouting and raining curses on both the man and her friend, the witness were busy laughing at her, some were cursing her, some were telling her to go find her own man.
And she left there shamefully.

When I got home I was thinking about the whole scenario, the woman guts, and the whole situation was hilarious and crazy so I decided to share here.

I just hope she has learned her lessons.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you find this interesting

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