Where does happiness lie

ALL of us are looking for pleasures,happiness,serena and tranquility . Happiness is an essential aspect of human life, and individuals spend a significant portion of their lives searching for it. While some believe that happiness lies in material wealth, it is crucial to recognize that true happiness goes beyond financial prosperity. This essay delves into the multifaceted nature of happiness and explores the ways in which individuals can attain it.Happiness is the utter most desire of each individual.He is striving each day to achieve this.But where does it lie?

•Is it in childhood?
•Is it in adulthood?
•Is it in opulency?
•Is it in elder ages?

We start from childhood to find happiness. We are asked that get grow,study hard and become successful then you will become happy and comfortable for rest of your life. One strives whole life but can’t get that.
He jumps from one stop to another.
He marches from one destination to other .
He sets one goal after another.
All this is to satiate his happiness hunger but in the end where does he reach he find himself in the same state where he was earlier.
So where is that mysterious

               “**HAPPINESS** “

In this blog let us try to find answer to this question.

What i have observed is that man’s insatiable nature although made him đợ revolutionary wonder yết snatched from his content.
He is striving for good to better to best but even after achieving best he is not happy
According to my perspective,happiness is not ạ materialistic stuff so we undoubtedly make blunder by seeking it in materialistic stuff.
It’s a common myth thát resources and money bring happiness but
Is it?
This is my question to you does resources and money make you happy. If someone asks from me,mỳ answer will be a big “No”
• (although i agree to a fact that it’s better to weep under air conditioned room on a comfortable bed than on ả carpet in hot cottage😂)

Ả pedestrian thinks that how lucky is one with motorcycle .A motorcyclist envys from a car person .No one is contented with what it has.

Talking about age phases…….if you have ả brown family then you must all have gone through these lectures

•Study hard for bright future
• Grab numbers for bright future.
•Perform well in matriculation and intermediate for bright future.
• It’s not time for desires,just work hard then you will be able to fulfill desires

And in all this scenario ,we lose our childhood,our adulthood and even our post adolescence.And what we learn when we reach post 40 thắt actually those were happy days which has squandered for looking happiness in future.
There are plenty of examples which clearly narrate that no one is happy where he is or what he has .Then

    “Where is happiness?”

So my answer for this question is

Happiness lies inside you.

It is you who has happiness.Why are you looking this happiness in others when it lies inside you.It is you who can make you happy likewise it is only you who cẳn entangle you in state of ennui.But how to explore happiness from inside you ?

Here are few tips

1)Usually what we hear from parents and teachers is that look who is above you and follow his suits .This is good for getting motivation but it makes you envious too.You start being discontented with what you have or where you are.To tackle this if you look for a person above you then look for him too who is deprived of even what you hve ….This will surely make you realise worth of you and you will feel proud of you .This proud feeling will become cause of your happiness

2)Make a list of things that delight you .It may be any person,any hobby,any bond ,any place or anything.Then surround you with these things.

  1. Many individuals equate happiness with financial success, believing that material possessions and wealth can bring lasting joy. However, research suggests that the correlation between money and happiness is complex. While money can fulfill basic needs and provide temporary pleasures, long-term happiness stems from other sources.

  2. One of the fundamental aspects of happiness lies in the quality of relationships. Meaningful connections with family, friends, and romantic partners have a profound impact on well-being. Emotional support, love, and a sense of belonging contribute to a person's happiness and overall life

3)Individuals often find happiness through personal growth and self-fulfillment. This can be achieved through setting and achieving goals, pursuing passions and hobbies, and continuously learning and evolving. By engaging in activities that align with one's values and interests, individuals can experience a profound sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

That’s all from my side
Looking forward to read on your perspectives regarding happiness
Go ahead🌺

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