Life is not about winning or losing


Life is not about wins or losses, its about living. Many people never understand this truth. They compete with everything that comes their way. This drains them out and leaves them burned out quite early in life.

Trying to make life only about wins and losses makes it one long rat race. People make failures seem like the end of the world. What about the time in between? Does it matter? Don't we learn anything on the way? Doesn't it count at all?

Personally, for me there is much to be learned from losses than from wins. When we win we tend to gloss over and move ahead into the celebration mode, never for a moment looking back to see what took us there. Loses on the other hand nudges us to go back and see what we missed? What was lacking in our effort and correct those mistakes.

Enjoying the journey, living in the moment is what makes each moment count. If I was told I'll die today I would do all the things I have failed to do until now, things which matter the most to me. I would ensure that I make each moment count!

Let's get this right, this would be about climbing the Everest or dining with the Queen. These things would be closer to home where our heart is.

Why wait for the death sentence? Why not make each moment and each relationship count in the now? Why wait until it is too late and let our future be filled with regrets?

A then colleague of mine would always be listing his achievements and bragging about his victories. One morning on the way to office the bike he was riding was hit by a truck. My colleague didn't even survive the trip to the hospital, which was just a few feet away from where he was hit. He lost the war, his life. This tragic incident always had me wondering if had he known his life was so short would he have lived his life any differently? A question that may never be answered.


Remember the saying, Winning a battle but losing the war. Yeah we may end up earning a lot of money, perhaps rising high up the social ladder and living in a huge mansion but what if you are unhappy, dissatisfied with life and filled with regret at the end of it all?

Keep the end in sight. Never forget what is important to you, I mean truly important. Live as if today was the last day ( I know this is cliched) but it's worth the reminder.

Pick your battles , don't waste time fighting something which may amount to nothing at the end of your life. Make sure you fight only for the things that matter to you. Fights are a waste of time, they cost you so much emotionally and physically.

Value your peace. Yeah, your peach is worth ten times the money you'd earn. Money will never buy you peace, but good choices will.

Enjoy each day as it comes. Enjoy the journey. If you can't be happy today, there is no guarantee that would be years later.

Who knows how long we'd live. Life is a great leveler, your age doesn't really matter.

Life is fragile, make the best of it. Make sure you do the things that truly matter, to you

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