How We Deal With Problems

When we are faced with the problems we often are forced to think and step back. Depending on it's severity I have found out that dealing with problems is not an easy task. I have had my share of the problems dealing with a lot of them and I have realized a pattern to solve some of them if not all.

So how do we deal with the problems? How to solve them effectively?


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How Severe is the Problem?

When you face problem you will realize how severe it is based on it's first contact. And then slow realization. More sever the more you have to think and solve some of the ways through it. I have most severe problems making me numb in the process. I'd prefer working on it slowly to avoid more damage. Some problems are easy and doesn't require much thinking.

What are my options?

When you encounter any problem. You are being given set of option and you have to always check them out. And based on those set of the problems you decide what can be and should be done to solve them. Make sure to solve some of those problems using the most useful options that has possibility of safety as well as long term view.

What are the resources?

Resources here I am referring to the tools, or means through which the problem can be solved. And having those is what often solves most of the burden of the problems and the overall load as well. Anything that helps you solve your problems is your positive resource worth using when you can.

What support do I have?

We all need people around us. And they are our support. And some of the time the support can be the money we have in the bank. So we have to find out what are some of the support options that we have in hands. We have to think of means to handle those problems and then take actions accordingly.

These are some of the questions I go through before going through the panic stage. And then I make sure to deal with the various set of the problems in my side. I have realized that when I answer most of these questions positively it makes easier for me to deal with the problems.


Dealing with problems is not something we can have it on blueprint. Because each one of us are on different part of the globe and tend to have different set of the problems in front of us. So we have to deal with the problems lot differently than they were created and explained in template like this.

So how do you solve problem? :)

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