Exploring The Old Resort Of Edem

Tales of an Urban explorer? Not this title belongs to the master @slobberchops , But i will do my best to explore and find interesting and abandon places. I never new how funny and interesting it could be.
I found an interesting and abandon old resort close to the beach.
Many times i had passed outside and i always thought why it is closed in the area all the hotels are thriving and it wasn't because of covid. But anyway lets start exploring the place.
The resort was named EDEM when it was open and while its 200 meter from the center its location makes it really seclusive.

A big entrance for going in and out.

Here is the reception were the glasses were probably broken by someone with stones?? probably

Inside the reception there were many documents that were left behind when it closed probably it was not that significant

The location of the mini market

All the toilets were somewhat destroyed and not because of a decay.

Here was probably the kitchen but the doors were taken out

That is the main building from afar. Probably in that building there was a restaurant , coffee house and a pool bar .
Inside i found an old menu many Tv Controlers and probably a lot of lost / forgotten things

The swimming poll

Inside the restaurant

Thats the houses that was used for tourists

Some other places not really sure what it was used for

Overall the place looks good even if its abandon for ten or more years. It was without a doubt looted and vandalised many times.
I hope someone can buy it and make it glorious again because from what i could tell its one of the best around there.

Tell me how you found it.

Here you can see some more of my exploration





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