Walking , exploring , eating on a Sunday

Sunday Yesterday and once ahead i hit the road to take same fresh air. In Greece the weather continues to be Sunny and the temperature in the morning is somewhere between 12-16 degrees Celsius. So we have the perfect weather to go out explore , take walks , and generally being outside while we have that because its bound to get ugly at some point and we will regret staying inside.
This time i went to a a village called Elatoxori, I had made a post in the past about it because there is a ski center there but as you can imagine with such a weather we have no snow. The road to Elatoxori has same very nice sceneries to make your mind forget about the every day life.And there is a spot some kilometers before the Ski center that there is some kind of a clearing that you can go and sit.

**The scenery on the road while passing through Moschopotapos , aronas , and lagorachi **

This is the clearing of shorts where everyone going up stopping there to drink clean water coming from the Pierian mountain springs.

Here you can see some tables were you can sit down read a book or let your child play at that old semi destroyed seesaw .XAXAX

**A bunch of woods. Elatoxori as its name suggest in Greek is full of Fir trees and a place many people there have as their primary job Wood cutting **

**The village some years back with the help of the ski center started booming with new hotels , new houses restaurants etc etc .. After the boom and when the goverments money run out many of the left unfinished!! Like that one **

After all the exploration i started get hungry so i found a hotel called Nikeli , in the hotel there is a great restaurant called outopia and believe me the food in deserving of the restaurants name.

They also making meat on an open fire kind of way.

**Here is the bread with olive oil , olives and some red hot pepper cheece cream **

Here is some greek deep bowls Tzatziki and Tirokauteri with bread

That is zigouri( ewe ). Zigouri is a sheep, 8 to 14 months old, that has not yet given birth.


This plate is called gamopilafo is traditional Cretan food made for festivities and times of joy.

That was definitely a Sunday well spend!

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