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⭐Hello Guys⭐

Continuing my guides, this one I'm going to create now is the third in the series. In fact, we can consider it a mini guide, after all I'm going to explain about the giveaways that the Rising Star community makes daily.

These giveaways are a great way for you to get cards or Starbits early in your career, you invest your time looking for which ones you want to participate, and you are usually only asked to comment on the related post to participate, very simple and helps a lot! Come with me to explain better!



❗If you don't have an account yet, please login using my link: https://www.risingstargame.com?referrer=shiftrox

Although this action seems very simple, participating in the community giveaways is the best way to not only win cards, but also to meet new people, get cool tips about the game and especially interact!

I believe that many times those who create the posts like to see the comments section very busy, not only with the participation records, but also with the ideas, suggestions and reactions of each player who comments there. The more the community interacts, the better it will be for everyone!

Okay, but how do I participate in these giveaways?

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I believe that the easiest way for you to find posts by making giveaways is always checking the official Rising Star profile: @risingstargame, here they do one post a day, especially to group and show who is making the giveaways.


It is compiled with several and several posts where cards or Starbits are drawn. The giveaways are quite varied, they can be common or rare cards, for example.

Others can be Starbits, 1k, 2k or even 10k, that is, you can even win the exact value of a pack of cards! It's fantastic!


Like I said, it's super easy! Check the title, which one you want to participate, enter the post and you just have to leave a comment and you'll be participating, but always have a look before, some posts require you to follow the author or request an upvote and a reblog, for example, but nothing fairer than supporting these people who move our community!

⭐Participation Example⭐

Assuming you have chosen the giveaway you want to participate in, click on the line with the corresponding link to open the post. In our example here, it was the giveaway I did on 11/27/2021.


Always look for the rules the author is proposing, so that if you win later, you don't lose the prize for lack of attention. In this example of mine, I requested the simplest, just a comment and the name of your profile within Rising Star.


Here you can see a small, simple comments. Always remembering, pay attention to what the author is asking for! It can be a follow, upvote, reblog or use a specific tag in the comments!



In Rising Star's official Discord, we have a specific channel for announcing giveaways too! You can always keep an eye out there to see the announcements and participate.


The link to join the Discord is here: https://discord.gg/VuDnsa8Z

❗Please, if I can't link to Discord, someone let me know I'm removing the link! Thanks!


Well, coming to the end of our guide, what I can conclude is that the community is amazing! Many giveaways are held daily and this helps everyone, especially those who are starting.

I won some rare cards that helped me a lot and once, if I'm not mistaken, I managed to win 10k Starbits which earned me a pack. This attitude of helping others is beautiful to see.

So, whenever you participate, help these people by promoting their work, making upvotes and reblogs, commenting and calling your friends to participate! see you next time!

❤️Thank you! YAMMEEE! Pizza!!❤️

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