Market Got you down hit these projects up + NFT giveaway

Honesty / Generosity & Crypto / NFTs these needn't be dialectical, but all to often are. Proving a Blockchain projects legitimacy, or its integrity are the issue facing Blockchain projects large & small.

With the market in its current state I understand the instinct to prioritize our own losses, though it hurts now more then ever before we need to support Blockchain projects we care about.

I have given away thousands of dollars in NFTs paying forward HIVE post Proceeds to readers via NFT giveaways. My #stashpass Weedcash NFTs have a monthly raffle attached though #stashpass is the most popular Weedcash NFT colection it operates at a deficit.

The reason for this is I believe in HIVE its users , Dapps, & communities making the HIVE blockchain its health my best possible investment.

So what am I telling you to donate in this Crypto market?

Yes, but also no, one of Blockchains many strengths is its diverse number of projects, many of which can help you support crypto community for free.

Some of us cant afford to be charitable at the moment I get that, these tips can help you nurse a decimated portfolio as well. Since I'm such a nice guy, as always this write up includes 15 NFTs to giveaway to lucky readers.

Todays write up will go over a few crypto projects that can help us all recover from market turmoil together.

Brave Internet Browser

Brave internet Browser is based upon a chromium build internet browser, so a variation of google chrome.

Many reasons why you shouldn't use google chrome however while built off chromium Brave & Google Chrome are very different beasts.

For starters Brave internet browser blocks all ads, including YouTube ads, or many streaming services ads like Hulu for instance.

Brave is also privacy & security focused where as google chrome is not.

How does brave help you donate to crypto projects?

Brave allows users to chose to click ads to receive BAT Brave Browsers ETH alt, with this BAT users can donate to sites or even Publishers that are Brave verified.

Now I can just keep the BAT, My Brave Browser usage has grossed around $500 over the years, around $80 or so I have donated to various crypto projects.

Though I am a Brave Content Creator, my Reddit & Twitter listed below specifically are monetized through Brave + Mask.
My Reasons why brave browser, it is the best internet browser on Desktop / android, perhaps IOS I hate apple so IDK about IOS, are many furthest from them is the money Brave has made me

The PC Desktop version of Brave has a wallet built in integrations with Uphold or Gemini allowing users to bypass ETH gas fees for BAT if wanted.

Fire wall ad, pop up, & tracker blocker built in.

Tor The Onion Router Brave Browser version accessed via a click, & monetizing sites or social media.

Nixing the ad trackers makes brave 3x faster then google chrome, However Brave Browsers ads are AI based & Brave will dent your browser cache quickly.

Yeah Tip number 1 Brave internet Browser

Helping HIVE

My preference to help HIVE projects & its users is well documented at this point, however HIVE is set up in such a way, as to reward us for helping one another.

So what tips do I have to help you help others on HIVE?

Well there's the obvious like & share content you wish to support.

Your not here for a no duh answer so here are a few tricks I use on HIVE to help myself help other HIVE users.

Peakd a HIVE front end has a few useful tools that can aid you in your HIVE support efforts.

HIVE SBI is located in a section on your Peakd wallet ladled others, using this users either, Donating HIVE through the SBI system to other HIVE users earns both parties a SBI Unit.

SBI Unit Balance determines the vote weight of an automated 3rd party upvote on your HIVE content.

Peakd gives HIVE users the option of supporting HIVE projects with funding through HIVE DHF Proposals, you can vote on these for free vote weight being tied to a variety of factors such as HP & or wallet resources.

You can also vote on Hive Witnesses (aka "Block Producers") through Peakd.

Ecency is another HIVE tribe I would like to highlight, Particularly their Points & SPK systems.

SPK system is still being implemented but should act a lot like HP or HIVE where applicable.

Points system however works great Points on Ecency allow users to either promote HIVE posts or Boost them with automated upvotes.

Though Points can not be traded they can be redeemed for upvotes which do have a HIVE or HP value.

Not costing myself anything I can Boost other HIVE users or my own #ecency tagged posts, this & promote others content or my own content with points.
You can get started on HIVE through either referral link below if totally new.

HK Ecosystem

Low Key the HK development team has been radically improving the HIVE blockchain.

The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few or the 1, this sentiment is echoed when Projects like Hashkings, reach out to aid so many new HIVE projects.

With a combination of the Unity 👆 Game engine & Hash Kings Devs assisting on tokenomics HIVE game development has become increasingly streamlined comparatively to what it was even a year ago.

For this Reason I donated some BAT to the @hashkings Site under their verified Brave Publisher Donation option through Brave Browser.

Hashkings team has assisted on Bang Defense, Infernal Coliseum, & I think Wrestling Organization Online. In addition to their own game development implementing Raids, Farming Wars, Forge, BUDS Staking, Hashkings Content Curation, & a lottery system just to name a few game updates.

Quick Suggestion for the @hashkings team, since your using the Unity Game Engine in parts of your project here's a Mini Game Suggestion.

Green Rabbit is a WAX Blockchain P2E game, they implemented a mini game utilizing the Unity Game engine into their build a Platformer.

Rudimentary platformer with in game coins representing their crypto SHELL being tied to a rewards pool, paying out SHELL rewards to players on their leader board proportionally based on score every 24 hours.

Now from what I understand from your Hashkings game rewards mechanisms like on Bang Defense or Raids something like a platformer could be doable.

Bang Defense & Farming Wars are leaps forward when HIVE P2E games are concerned, I like the Hashkings Project I'm certain no one on staff is keeping up to date on obscure WAX titles but Green Rabbit is in a fairly similar boat on WAX.

You can find their project here to take a look.

BTW the Green Rabbit Flash Game is free to play so anyone with a WAX wallet can check that out if interested, you earn their WAX alt SHELL for playing the green rabbit mini game.

Do you have a Dapp or Business you want on the HIVE blockchain but dont know where to start?

Hive Kings has got your Blockchain Businesses Back

Hive Kings University The First ever program designed to give businesses details & help on how to implement Dapps on the HIVE blockchain.
The HIVE profile for HK university👆

Oh if your still contemplating designs for the @hivekings Logo below are a few designs I wiped up

My Favorite Design is the 1 above, just taking your mock up adding an opaque backing & a splash of contrasting color. With eye strain settings many use a darker background on sites Dark or black has trouble showing up text is auto inverted but logos aren't, so since your original design was on point I slightly altered it adding a Hive flair.

This Card design has me thinking of like a Full house styled graphic for like HIVE promotional material.

At this point the Dabbs where hitting hard but your welcome to it.

Feel free to use them if you want.

Anyone whom is interested please check out these titles in the HK ecosystem on HIVE.

Tower Defense style P2E
Cannabis Farming Sim / Raids
RPG / RTS Fantacy style P2E

Infernal Coliseum Profit Potential

So this is a P2E title on HIVE you may want to be playing, it will cost you a few dollars $1-$5 USD but the limited number of players means the SOULS rewards are for the taking.

Like for the XP 30 mission Rewards pool I'm in 1st place for SOULS rewards.

This is after $4.50 & a month of half assing it, that $4.50 figure BTW includes 3 NFTs I gave away with my last #stashpass raffle. Currently I have 2 rare hero NFTs I'm using with 30 XP currently allowing me to play the 30 XP mission with a Power of 1250.

Given I have been ranked in the top 3 players of around 5 separate P2E games, I can attest there is money to be made in rising to the top of a few hundred or thousand players.

Not only that the NFT market on Infernal Coliseum is so sparse its easily cornered, I dont do that sort of thing but if you where so inclined there is very little stopping you.

Understand manipulating any system of batter or trade can be dangerous unethical & occasionally fatal to the market in question.

So while I advice against manipulating the NFT market I would advise getting a few hero NFTs & running Infernal Coliseum daily missions for SOULS rewards.

Act soon & you can say I was one of the first 1,000 Infernal Coliseum players ever, who knows the title may carry weight someday.

While not free Infernal Coliseum is relatively cheap on average $2 should get you playing daily missions.

If I can find enough interested Infernal Coliseum players I will see about starting a Infernal Coliseum Guild.

Bearish Market = Bullish Faucet

Back when I first got into crypto BTC cost $800 on average each, I dabbled for a year or so just watching the market. Around 3 years ago I finally started getting involved with Dapps & wallets, my first major Crypto profits came from faucets.

What's a faucet? A faucet pays out crypto at a steady drip for either solving captures every hour, or playing games, this resulting in a small but free ROI the Investment in this case being a little spare time.

Most people discount faucets because they earn you very little usually, However with the market like it is Faucets should be your best friend.

My Faucet antics back in 2020 had earned me a little over 10,000 DOGE worth roughly $20 at the time as DOGE traded on average at $0.002 USD at the time.

I HODL most of that DOGE until around September of 2021, at which point I sold my free faucet DOGE for roughly $2,000.

When I say I held on to most of the DOGE, its because my first crypto purchase was bought by selling $2 of DOGE in 2020 for a burrito from Taco Bell.

Which means that burrito ended up costing me a little over $200 in the long run, Taco Bell always a 💩investment.

The current Crypto market is at its lowest point in years, assuming Crypto isn't dead, stocking up on free crypto when its tanked can be well worth your time.

These two sites can be considered Faucets, allowing users to gradually earn various cryptocurrencies for free.

Coin Faucet

Solve a Captcha to claim one of 88 listed cryptocurrencies, however Coin Faucet requires $50 Balance to withdraw your earnings. While that's not ideal the amount of crypto earned per claim is higher when the Cryptocurrencies market value is lower.

So say the faucet earns you $25 in WAX while the market price is around $0.05, if & or when the WAX price hits $0.25 again your WAX balances value will have multiplied by 5 = $125 more than enough to cash out.

This + Coin Faucet Features SPS, HIVE, STEEM, WAX, SHIB, & all the usual suspects like BTC...

Solving the Captcha on Coin Faucet doesn't give a set reward its a DICE game with low, but yet possible odds of hitting a jackpot.

A Cain faucet WAX jackpot for instance is currently 4,820 WAX

With 6 levels of prizes for over 88 different types crypto claimable for free every hour its hard to beat Coin Faucet.
Please consider checking Coin Faucet out using my referral link below.
Roller Coin

Weather you have played roller coin before or not if not playing this flash game fueled mining sim right now your leaving money on the table.

To totally new players Roller Coin is a Mining Sim that earns players the following crypto for free, the total amount of crypto earned every 10 min
depending upon its market price & the players mining power.

All the crypto above can be earned free through Roller Coin, the link below is to a post where I outline how best to profit for free the fastest.

If you are interested in checking out Roller Coin Please consider using my referral link, it helps.

Free is always better, above where two faucets not connected to a wallet unless your cashing out.

Now Below are a few free P2E game titles, taking place on Dapps totally routed on Blockchains which means they require wallet conformation. While normally wallet conformations cost Gas Fees these games do not & are truly free.

WAX Blockchain

EOS Blockchain Wallet only necessary to cash out, those linking Bank accounts can also cash out in USD, CAD, or €.

HIVE Blockchain

The markets in a bad place, its important we preserver, after all it only seems so bad now due to how good things where going before the 💩hit the fan.

How I preserver, my faith in blockchain, not as strictly monetary system, but the technological breakthrough that most Blockchain(s) represent.

Hang in their & HODL your heart out.

Free Giveaways

A few services offer users either active crypto airdrops to sign up for or a site rewards system one can earn for free then redeem the reward points for NFTs or crypto.

Dapp Radar weekly low value crypto airdrops
Coin Market Cap Learn To Earn Airdrop info & Diamond rewards system.

Turns out Coin Market Cap also lets users post content on crypto price feeds, so if you post on HIVE say about Splinterlands, you could re-blog it to the DEC or SPS page on Coin Market Cap.

Like if Crypto twitter gets to toxic or whatever we always have Coin Market Cap a Crypto Pricing index with Social media.

Sometimes I have to wonder if this shits really happening or I just never came out of that shroom trip in college.

Did Nintendo invent vIRL NFTs?

Nerd History lesson for you in 2001-2003 Nintendo rolled out a project for their game boy advanced called an E Reader.

Their collectable e-cards are typically used in a key-like function to unlock secret items, levels, or play mini-games when swiped through the reader. The cards themselves contain data, as opposed to unlocking data already on the device itself.

Low key its in essence like a NFT with a tangible copy which can be redeemed or used with the reader.

Nintendo has a history of not quite grasping the significance of their technological break throughs, E Readers being a great example of that.

Changing a 1 to a 0

Here is a fun fact the US has no actual total of its circulating currency, combine this with lax security with the financial sectors electronic banking systems.

It becomes fairly obvious on how best to collapse an empire in this state change the value of $1 to $0 IE crash the economic system.

Why bring this up?

Crypto / Cash these are different economic systems that actually face the same problem for different reasons.


The following Game Theorist video explores the dangers of A Pokémon Move payday & how devastating mercantilism can be when combined with vulnerable economic systems.

What Pokémon can teach us here is verifiability & security is more important then familiarity.

In 2004 the US treasury estimated the rough total of US currency in circulation was $600 billion, a total of roughly 1% pf that $600 billion was counterfeit.

This means there was an admitted $6,000,000,000 of fraudulent currency in circulation In the US in 2004 alone.

Scams exist in the crypto market, as they do in every market, thefts may occur involving crypto, & any manner of illegal activities can be tied to crypto. In an average year roughly $100 Billion USD are connected to just drug trafficking alone.

Globally just the drug trade is a elicit market valued at well over $2.5 Trillion USD, Drugs have always & still do in a way serve as a backing for monetary systems.

This is why Crypto is not the causation for its nefarious element, the market is & Crypto / Blockchain is a concept law makers are ill equipped to understand.

You know what the crypto market doesn't have Counterfeit currency.

Cleverly veiled scams yes, but a fake BTC that would circulate just like real BTC no.

All money is meaningless until we put our faith in it, without faith its just scams, vices, and counterfeit money.

It was brought to my attention WAX is now charging a fee to set up a WAX web wallet!!

Upon investigation this turns out to be a byproduct of WAX finalizing its transition to WAXP, now those of us grandfathered in have nothing to worry about but...

New users may encounter a issue when setting up a totally new WAX web wallet.

Calm down, when we have questions no one thought to ask, like how to avoid WAX web wallets 5 WAX fee, reddit already has the answer.

You can send an email to WAX Support:, they would help you bypass the fee.

Bam problem solved, the full reddit post can be found below.

Now bellow is the WAX web wallet once again free to sign up for with the workaround above.

Well worth the hassle, as I give out 10 free WAX NFTs on every post, not to mention a few of the most popular free P2E games are WAX titles like Alien Worlds.
Alien Worlds is fairly profitable #notsponsored especially for a free P2E game earning players NFTs & TLM by mining in game.

Like HIVE blockchains RC Resource Credits or HP WAX has CPU, NET, & RAM. You can stake WAXP for these resources or purchase RAM, to play WAX P2E games wallet conformations after a few free ones require CPU.

I have your back here as well, I can airdrop or transfer temporary CPU delegation, allowing you to go hard on WAX P2E games for a day or 2.

Temporary CPU delegation comes in the form of a Beast Gardens WAX NFT.

How you would get the Temporary CPU WAX NFT is simple if your one of the first 5 commenters participating in the WAX NFT giveaway by leaving their WAX wallet in the comments just drop a #waxcpu or otherwise specify you would like CPU.

Simply burn the NFT to start the temporary CPU delegation, if to complex I can directly rent some for your wallet if necessary, though its in your best interest to use the NFT it grants a higher CPU delegation.

WAX NFT Giveaway Instructions

Every time I post on HIVE I do a few NFT giveaways, the first & larger 5 count WAX NFT airdrop URL which goes to the first user to click the link.

The next 5 WAX NFTs are given away to the first 5 users to comment their WAX wallet address, once I see the comment Ill send you a single WAX NFT followed by a reply stating I have done so. This is for the first 5 users only to leave their WAX address in the comments.

WAX NFT Airdrop

This link below is claimed for free by the first WAX wallet user to click it, if your the lucky reader that claims the Airdrop please let others know via comments it helps.
All WAX NFTs featured in todays airdrop are connected to recently updated & active P2E games.

The NFTs in todays airdrop work with the following P2E titles.

Splinterlands has to many recent updates to list & they just threw a party in Vegas, suffice it to say the projects healthy.

Beast Gardens hits a year since its launch & celebrates with their new site.
New Beast Gardens site link above

NFT Panda
NFT Panda launched armor crafting & Integrated with Wombat wallet in addition to WAX Web wallet earlier this month.

I have another 5 WAX NFTs to give away to the first 5 readers whom comment their WAX wallet.

My intent is to have these giveaways have NFTs connected to active projects likely to retain & or appreciate in value. Absolutely senseless to giveaway pointless NFTs in what sense is that a prize.

Stash Pass Weedcash NFT giveaway

Every time I post anything on HIVE I do several NFT giveaways, one such giveaway is my #stashpass NFT giveaway.

How you participate in a #stashpass NFT giveaway is be one of the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass on this post & then Re-blog, gets a #stashpass Weedcash NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

My #stashpass Weedcash NFTs are part of a monthly NFT raffle taking place on the 20th with the #stashpass NFT ownership being used to determine who wins the raffle.

Full Instructions on #stashpass raffles can be found via the URL below

You can view, buy, or sell Weedcash NFTs like #stashpass here

So the first 5 HIVE users to comment #stashpass & then re-blog this post gets an exclusive limited #stashpass NFT sent to their HIVE wallet.

Link Summery

This write up being a little over 25 min in read length I thought it best to concisely list the projects mentioned.

Brave Internet Browser
Bang Defense P2E (HIVE)
Hash Kings P2E (HIVE)
Infernal Coliseum 🤑 P2E (HIVE)

HIVE Kings links

Coin Faucet (faucet) Free
Roller Coin P2E (faucet) Free

Green Rabbit P2E (WAX) Free
Alien Worlds P2E (WAX) Free
Blockchain RPG P2E (WAX) Free
Prospectors P2E (WAX) Free
Galactic123 P2E (WAX) Free
Upland P2E (EOS) Free
Rising Star P2E (HIVE) Free
Dapp Radar (Airdrops)
Coin Market Cap Giveaways, Airdrops, Diamond rewards, Learn To Earn, & Social Media enabled Crypto Price Index.

Splinterlands P2E (HIVE,WAX,ETH, & BSC)
Beast Gardens P2E (WAX)
NFT Panda P2E (WAX)
Weedcash NFTs
Social Media

WAX Wallet


WAX NFT inventory

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