Staking +30k sports - 1 137 000 Sport power.

Today I'm powering up some more Sports !!

Since I started to use this account to make all my #actifit daily posts, I'm having way more sports token and everyday. That's how I've been able to do that power up :


That's one of the biggest power up I made i 2021, probably the biggest.
I really hope to participate enough to see this king of powerup happen more often. It would probably take some time but that totally could happen.

Thanks to that I'm now at 1,137,306 sports ! That totally shos that I indeed increased faster these days that I used to do !


I don't know how much time that would make to reach my 2nd million Sports Staked.

I'm really enjoying getting back into this community I left some time ago and the #POLIAC contest really helped me to get even more involved.


You can join me on :
The microbloging platform and get rewarded with BCH
On :
Rewarding your posts with tips in BCH too.
Also on :
That rewards both readers and authors with ETH and ERC-20 tokens
Share your unused bandwidth and get paid for that with Honey gain

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