Another Spider Close-Up

Finally, the custom macro lens that I've ordered has arrived. Once I assembled the lens, I go down to the loading bay at my office building. Previously, I noticed there are a lot of spider web, so I wanted to try the lens on the spiders at the area.

Finding a spider was easy. It is everywhere. The only challenges is the place is a bit tight and dirty. I don't want to lean so much on the wall. Lorry are always parked here, and most of the time, they do not turn off the engine. Over time, black soot on are build up on the wall.


I sat at the same spot, waiting and focusing on the spider that I want to capture its picture. The first spider doesn't want to stay at the same spot. It keeps jumping around. I manage to take a total of 5 picture of that spider. But only two come out decent.

This spider is really small. About the size of a fruit fly. What I like about this spider is its body color. Looks like it glows in the dark.


This spider in contrary, doesn't move much. I'm able to capture a lot of photo of it. But, because it does not move much, the picture come out boring. Almost like there is no life to it. This is the closest picture that I'm able to capture.


There is a lot of camera shake whenever I wanted to capture a picture. I need to figure out a way how to minimize the camera shake. Practice is required for me to master taking picture with the custom micro lens


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