Cholesterol, here we go again.

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Yesterday I went to my doctor's for the flu jab, blood pressure and blood tests. This morning (That was quick!?) I had a phone call.

Doctors: "Your blood test results are back and your cholesterol is 6.5"
Here we bleedin go again!

Me: "Oh well, I can't be doing with it. I don't smoke; I only drink now and again. We don't have takeaways very often; I eat fairly healthy and have the odd cake in moderation."

Ron, he is not my doctor; I suspect he's a male nurse or something? Then proceeded to give me the lecture about keeling over and dying from anything such as a stroke to a heart attack. During Ron's dire warning of furred up arteries, he raised the offer of Statins which I've had before, but to be honest, in my opinion, didn't have that great an effect, only reducing my level by 0.4% but after a bit of too and frow I gave in and agreed to give the Statins another go.

Ron: "I'll prescribe you six months worth"
Feck! That'll cost me a fortune!

Me: "I suppose I'll have to come and pick the prescription up?"

Ron "No, that's OK. I can have them delivered to your house if you like?"

OMG YEAH! I'm 60 now. I don't have to pay for prescriptions anymore AND I can now get my drugs delivered! Huzzah!

I'm currently looking through a medical journal to see what illness I need that require expensive drugs delivered to my house. It's payback time for all National Insurance I've paid over the years. 😉

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