Waiting 20 years!

Delivery Driver: "Apparently, you've been waiting since April for this lot?"

Me: "That's nothing, mate, the wife has been waiting 20 years for this lot!"

And so the great 'New Patio' begins.

We'd lived with terrible, cracked and decaying concrete for over twenty years. It was one of those jobs that just kept being put on the back burner because, as any homeowner will tell you, there's always something that needs replacing or looking at in the home.

I had put down some AstroTurf (Fake Grass) to try and make it look a little bit better, but I was gobsmacked how much even the El Cheapo stuff was. The local discount outlet wanted £400 plus, which was just from one side of the garden to the other, let alone the side of the house. They do rolls of it for £25, so I bought three, which kind of sticks in my throat a bit as I'll be throwing it away.

The builder arrived nice and early, and I made him the obligatory cup-of-tea. Does that happen the world over, or is it just a UK thing? Here in the merry kingdom of Britishland, you have to make sure tradespeople are given a constant supply of [hot] drinks if you want to get the best out of them. The offer of cakes or biscuits generally ensures they turn up the next day!

I'm back working in the office, although I have been allowed to work from home on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so that I'm around for the tail end of the job, hopefully? All day, I was dead excited to get home and see how far they'd got. Given that I work in IT, I even considered setting up a webcam to watch, not the workers, just the progress. But I figured that was just a bit too creepy, so I decided against it.

When I arrived home, I was surprised to see how much rubble there was. I was even more surprised at the size of some of the chunks and to think I'd offered to help in the hope of saving a couple of hundred quid! Looking at the amount and size of the rubble, I quickly concluded that I'm too old for that lark now.

It would seem they'd made a cracking start, although having seen the skip was practically full, I was wondering where the grass and earth were going? The patio is being widened. The first slab of the garden path is going, and the border is being pushed back to that line, giving a much larger area to be paved. The wife said that the guy mentioned he might need another skip. He needn't think I'm paying for it!

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