Ways of Earning from Splinterlands πŸ’°πŸ“ˆ

Namaskar / Hello to all hive users, who will reach this post. I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones.

Those who are familiar with splinterlands do know how it is useful to earn for sure. I am sure most of us here on hive do play this game. I have seen that those who don't play splinterlands have started to play this game this is great for sure what do you think?

I am not a pro player here but I do know the basics and I do manage to survive here. The learning here is like never-ending. we all do know there is a regular update of the game this is really great for sure. I have already made a post on the topic Why Splinter lands are the best way to invest in ? I hope this will be helpful to you. I will cover this in this post.

  • Renting :

Splinterlands is really for those who love to play and earn. But to be honest, not all of us do love to play games. If you don't love to play there is always an option we just have to look over for things ☺️. I do know many users who used to play in past are really good players now they don't play splinterlands anymore. I did ping a few of them to go their cards but I think they are pretty busy with their life so they don't even get time to rent their cards. I have many users here who are earning around 100k dec per month just by renting their cards. This is really a great way to get back your investment back fast if you don't want to play the game anymore. Below is the link to the websites from where you can rent your cards and start earning a daily passive income.

  • Referral:

Yes referral you heard that right, there are users who do earn a good passive income from the referrals in splinterlands . I earned around 40k credits from one of the referral accounts. I think he is not active anymore πŸ˜… I was really very happy to see that 40k credits I did spend all of them to buy cards and I have rented all of the cards now I don't play with my personal account anymore. I do add my referral to all my posts but unfortunately, no one used that anymore 😁. I only share the link on hive you, if you are active on other social media platforms then you can share your link on those platforms too. who knows maybe someone uses it and that is really a good way of passive income.

  • Make a post (Informative):

There are indeed great ways to earn just by posting about splinterlands , I do see many users post about the game and share about their battle daily here on the hive. This is really a great way to learn about new things if you are new to the game. There are many ways to learn about the games there are hundreds of active splinterlands users here who daily post here. Not all posts are informative for sure, but you will know slowly whom to follow and whom to not. If you do make a good post then sure there is a good chance that your post will get good upvotes for sure. I have that many users post once a week and some do post daily. I do think one post a day is good and if you getting problem searching community to post then do check out this post Community List And Why It Is Important To Post In The Right Community from @erikah.
If you only post about splinterlands , then sure Splinterlands community
is the best place to post no doubt and you all are pretty well aware of that.
I have no idea what to write I am not a good player so I do try my best to make one post a month only about splinterlands . what about you?

  • Giveaway:

Yes, there are many users of the splinterlands here who host daily giveaways, in their posts, I am sure many do the same in their discord servers for sure. you can win cards, dec, SPS, packs, and many things depending upon who is hosting that contest. The rules are pretty simple you just have to comment below the post with your game name, reblog the post and upvote the post. That's it, nothing more you have to do in most of the giveaways for sure. If you don't like to share (reblog) other's posts then I do have a suggestion for you, make a new account and just follow the user who hosts the giveaways, and rest you know πŸ˜‹use that account only to reblog and vote πŸ˜†rest is up to you.

  • YouTube :

yes, you heard that right make a youtube channel and start sharing your knowledge yes there are already video platforms on hive where you can upload videos just like youtube for sure but still, it will surely going to take some time to get that famous. If you do think that you are a good player then be sure to make tutorial videos of splinterlands battle. Guide others to how things work here, play live and guide others to the abilities and other things about the game.
you just have to make videos on Youtube, 3speak, and DTube and start earning πŸ’°.

I do hope this post is really informative for you, feel free to start your thoughts.

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