eSteem Mobile 2.0.9 Android update


Here is our recent update of eSteem Mobile 2 for Android devices. New mobile client for Steem blockchain with reworked user interface.

And today we are updating you with many small and nice fixes and features here and there which you will love for sure. If you have it installed already just open your Google Play store and search for update otherwise you can click or tap on the badge below.

Play Store Badge

This version is separate from eSteem 1.6.0 you might used before. It will not update on it's own. Please download new application from Google Play.


What's new in 2.0.9

  • New Open links from,, in eSteem Mobile application
  • New Tag search
  • New All tags are active (clickable) now
  • New Clear button for editor screen
  • New Redirect feature opening relative action from notification
  • New Comment sorting for votes, trending, reputation, age...
  • New Number of upvotes on comments
  • New Information text for SteemConnect login
  • New App restart after server change
  • New Disable NSFW content option
  • New Translation Portuguese
  • New Translation Lithuanian
  • New Translation Korean
  • Fixed Table with images rendering
  • Fixed Profile screen issue opened from search results
  • Fixed Editor issue after reply any post
  • Fixed SteemConnect login screen design
  • Fixed Push notification disable bug
  • Fixed Tags design issue for android and added remove button for each tag in editor
  • Fixed Post dropdown links on profile screen
  • Fixed long space issue after h tag in editor page
  • Fixed Favorite list avatars

Download now!


Looking for iOS version?



We are still looking for beta testers, please report bugs here in comments or at GitHub. Tests will be rewarded.

iOS version update is submitted to AppStore and we are waiting for approval.

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