eSteem Mobile 2.0.7 new features & performance improvements


Here is our recent update of eSteem Mobile 2 for Android devices. New mobile client for Steem blockchain with reworked user interface.

And today we are presenting update with many fixes. If you have it installed already just open your Google Play store and search for update otherwise you can click or tap on the badge below.

Play Store Badge

This version is separate from eSteem v1.x you might used before. It will not update on it's own. Please download new application on Google Play .


What's new in 2.0.7

There were so many bug fixes and improvements under the hood so if we will post it here you may just sink in that. If you are interested just check out our official github repo for more details, here are few of major improvements.

  • New - Favorite authors
  • New - Share post
  • New - Post payout details
  • Improved - Comment nesting
  • Improved - Markdown parsing
  • Improved - Editor screen
  • Fixed - number of issues on editors, tags, keyboard, login, mark all read notifications and more.


Thank you for overwhelming support on translation, please check our translation program to translate eSteem v2 into your own language and get rewarded.


We are still looking for beta testers, please report bugs here in comments or at GitHub. Tests will be rewarded with our support as well as via Utopian.

Play Store Badge

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