Huge eSteem Android v2.2 update


Extremely excited to share long awaited update of eSteem 2.2 for Android devices.

Today we are updating you with huge list of new features and fixes. You can promote & boost (with big upvotes) your posts using your ESTM tokens (eSteem Points) now. You can buy ESTM using in-app purchase and be one of the early investors into ESTM as well.

If you have it installed already just open your Google Play store and search for update otherwise you can click or tap on the badge below.

Play Store Badge

This version is separate from eSteem v2 release we had before as well as different from Legacy eSteem 1.6.0 you might still have. It will not update on it's own. Please download new application from Google Play.


What's new in 2.2

  • New Points transfer
  • New Promote your posts with ESTM
  • New Boost your posts with ESTM
  • New In-app purchase (Buy/Invest ESTM) feature
  • New Editor screen with enhanced functionality
  • New Notifications UI
  • New Leaderboard UI and functionality enhanced
  • New Post delete feature
  • New Profile post refresh
  • New Schedule time options
  • New Copy comment link feature
  • New Delegation indicator for points
  • New Withdraw STEEM/SBD
  • New Power Down screen
  • New Delegation screen
  • New cache system for feeds and global props
  • New open/close pin code settings
  • New option to post dropdown
  • New Collapse feature added for profile and feed side
  • New Reblog count and reblog screen
  • New Enhanced image disable feature
  • New Enhanced posts/feed
  • New Crash report enhancements
  • New Android 10 support
  • Fixed Notification bugs with logout
  • Fixed Side menu
  • Fixed Important crush issues
  • Fixed Schedule bugs
  • Fixed Post edit bug
  • Fixed Android crash
  • Fixed Post render functionality refactored
  • Fixed table and image bugs
  • Post cache and post images cache feature added
  • Editor and preview post refactored
  • Fixed android deep link issue when application on background
  • Fixed editor bugs
  • Removed click action from post card comment count icon
  • Fixed YouTube link issue
  • Fixed #tag search UI issue
  • Fixed notification screen filter and load more bugs
  • Fixed auto suggestion issue when editing a tag
  • Fixed profile page refreshing issue
  • Fixed comments vote count and vote issues
  • Fixed post UI issue
  • Fixed translation issue
  • Fixed reblog option from already reblogged posts removed
  • Fixed following page search issue
  • Fixed comment count issue
  • Fixed launch screen issue
  • Fixed follower screen bugs
  • Fixed home screen account change issue
  • Changed application launch structure for Offline-Friendly application
  • Improved application launch time
  • Fixed crash bugs when user has not got internet connection (login, notification, point, profile, search, leaderboard screens)
  • Fixed feed issues
  • Fixed profile refreshing issue
  • Fixed click issue to push notifications
  • Fixed schedule date time crash
  • Fixed reply issue after editing to reply

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We are still looking for beta testers, please report bugs here in comments or at GitHub. Tests will be rewarded.

  • iOS version update is submitted to AppStore and we are waiting for approval so expect it in a few days.
  • Remove all old version of eSteem from your device, we have deprecated Legacy version as well as early access eSteem v2 version.
  • After installing app, make sure you have v2.2.0 installed to benefit from latest improvements and use eSteem in its fullest potential!

Play Store Badge

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