Esteem desktop 2.2.5 - Hive support released

We are thrilled to present you new release of Esteem desktop app, surfer 2.2.5.


Full Hive support with bug fixes and improvements.

What's New in 2.2.5

  • Hivesigner integration
  • Brand letters change
  • Market data update for HIVE and HBD
  • New version of renderer
  • Address parser update
  • Exchange label update
  • Protocol handler update
  • @hivechain/dsteem update
  • SPS to DHF updates
  • Fixes for transfer
  • Language file updates
  • Asset rename to HIVE and HBD
  • Some refactoring
  • Surfer name removed from package.json
  • Storage key changed for server selection
  • Fix for node list
  • New node list, new version, new default server
  • Default hive node update
  • Updates for hivesigner
  • Macos dmg background update and hivesigner
  • Image updates
  • "surfer" name removed
  • Removed deprecated filters
  • Language additions and fixes
  • Many more improvements

Thanks to all translation team for their contribution and support to bring all new languages to the masses! šŸ™Œ Do you want to chime in and help translating desktop app to your own language? Read here how to join and earn extra rewards.

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