World Kidney Day


Every March 12 is celebrated as World Kidney Day. Mufid Hospital also took part in commemorating World Kidney Day by decorating the Hemodialysis unit more attractively and also spreading kindness to the surrounding residents. Namely by distributing gifts for patients suffering from kidney failure and need dialysis or hemodialysis.


Currently Mufid Hospital also serves patients with kidney failure for hemodialysis. The Hemodialysis​ Unit at Mufid Hospital has been around for two years ago with a capacity of five hemodialysis machines. But now eight units of hemodialysis machines are available. Every day Mufid Hospital serves 40 patients who need hemodialysis services.


On the Celebration of World Kidney Day this time, Mufid Hospital also socialized to the general public about the importance of keeping the kidneys in order to continue functioning properly. Because every year the patient's with kidney failure increases. This indicates that public awareness about the importance of maintaining a kidney is still very low.


According to Dr.Marna,Sp.PD is responsible for the Hemodialysis​ unit at Mufid Hospital, there are three ways to detect problems in the kidneys early easily, the first is to measure blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high (hypertension) then you have the potential for kidney problems. Then the second way is by looking at the urine you expel. Moreover, urine contains protein and red blood cells, your kidneys are in trouble. The third way is to check blood in a medical laboratory. This is to see the amount of creatinine in the blood. For the first and second points you can easily check it at home.

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