Welcome To GOLAGA

Welcome To GOLAGA

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Who doesn't know the superhero Batman? Costumed figures like Bats. But, in Purbalingga Regency there is a place that is part of a cultural heritage, which is a Cave. Its name is Lawa Cave, a Bat Cave.

Entrance ticket to this tourist attraction is Rp. 25,000 per person on weekends. Whereas an ordinary day is Rp. 20,000.

Exactly Lawa Cave, or what is now more familiarly known as GOLAGA is at this link : https://g.page/OW-GUALAWA?share. Precisely the adress of Goa Lawa is : Siwarak Village RT. 01/07, Karangreja, Dusun IV, Siwarak, Karangreja, Purbalingga Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, Post code 53357.

Today, I along with my two daughters traveled to GOLAGA. It's been a long time since I visited this place, maybe last when I was little. Today, it looks very different. Various developments by the organizer, in this case the Regional Government of Purbalingga Regency, have been carried out.

Golaga is a part of Iconic Tourism Object of Purbalingga Regency, in this place we can find a Mini Zoo too. At least there are some deer, and also horses. Many of us have also encountered flower gardens around this place. So that we have no trouble finding a good and right place to take photos.

In addition there is a natural theater, amphitheater. Gazebo, tree house, and wide stretching camping area. This place is suitable for camping and outbound.

Return to Goa Lawa. It turned out that the location of Goa Lawa has many branches of caves, and each branch of Goa-caves then has its own name and characteristics. There are dozens of caves, such as Goa Ratu Ayu, Goa Cepet, Goa Naga, Goa Langgar and Batu Keris, Goa Rahayu, Goa Panembahan, Goa Agung Assembly Hall, Goa Dada Lawa which are icons of Lawa Cave, Goa Semar Cave and Goa Lorong Angin .

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These caves are very interesting, and also artistic. Has a character that is so deep and beautiful. It is suitable for calming down and looking for inspiration. At least, visiting Goa Lawa (GOLAGA) becomes a special and unforgettable experience

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