Ecency Mobile - Rebrand, better onboarding, communities and more

Finally, we have pushed major version release of our Mobile application. In this post we will briefly talk about changes included in this release.


This is huge update with packed improvements and new additions. Over 10,000 commits in this release PR, part of it from reorganising some parts of app. šŸ˜® Listing all changes probably will take pages of writing. We will mention major ones.

What's new in v3.0.0

  • Rebranding changes to Ecency
  • Better onboarding, delegation request for new accounts, new accounts who run out of RC after signup with Ecency, can easily request for delegation for 30 days from app with single click
  • Communities, explorer, search, find new communities and join, check posts in those communities, we will continue to add more features in these sections
  • Better Search page, includes Communities, Posts, Users, Tags, discovering and searching become even more easy and fun
  • Notifications changed from deprecated Appcenter Push to FCM, this will allow us to offer more flexible notifications in future.
  • Beneficiary lowered to 1%, to continue consistency with website, we are lowering beneficiary reward that helps us to support further development, from 3% to %1, more rewards to our community
  • Native Sharing, you can now select image, link, text and share on Ecency directly and app will quickly put content into editor for your publishing
  • Image uploads and proxy changed to follow our recent updates
  • Post renderer fixes, some image/table rendering improvements
  • Many many bug fixes and improvements
  • Hivesigner logged in users will have relogin due to rebranding account changes.

In next couple updates, we are going to focus on performance improvements. Mobile app is full of features and sometimes, we have to revisit and improve components so performance can be better. If you are React Native developer, feel free to join and help, our mobile application is opensource.


Stay tuned, stay excited! Don't forget to share news with your friends.



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