Easy editing VR gallery (Photofeed weekly?)

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Some of you seen my idea of easy editable VR gallery on Hive, build in dlux. As i got into the builder more i did realized that with my knowledge it will be hard to make something really easy, but with some understanding of what is what there is an possibility to just change links for photos in the code and get a new exhibition.

To test this out i needed a good amount of great photos and @photofeed is doing an really good job in photo curation. Decided to use theirs last 7 days of Daily PhotoFeed Roundup. Hope they will not mind :)
Maybe this could be a thing, Photofeed VR Gallery Weekly

I still need to find a way how to link photos to specific posts or at least usernames on Hive and not make it overly complicated and time consuming. Because the idea is to enable people to check out other work of creators they like, or maybe even to link photos to minted NFTs. At the moment only thing i can do is tag them all in this post :) Sorry if i miss anyone, i am writing this after finishing the whole gallery.
@buttonn @akinome @haastrecht @photovisions @barnabo73 @yo-hoho @kodeblaccc @mibreit-photo @gunnarheilmann @akukamaruzzaman @derangedvisions @kieranstone @cmnphotos @krusty81 @caseygrimley @alt3r @v-siniarski @alexa-macro @coloneljethro @seangold @dodovietnam

My first idea was to make a 56 photo gallery (photofeed does 8 per day and i wanted to add all of the photos in last 7 days). But as the photo count went up my computer was feeling it more and more. There are 25 photos and 29 lights in the gallery. So i first wanted to test it out and see will people be able to see it or will it be too heavy for smooth walk. Also you can go through walls, as i am not sure how much strain will it add to computing. Not adding it makes photos a bit higher as i was planing it from the start of a build. And actually walking on the floor of the gallery would get your character a bit higher.

Input of everyone willing to check it out would be highly appreciated. Were you able to see it on your device? How smooth it was. Any glitches, problems... And also overall impressions.

It does take some time for everything to load, so some patience is needed :D

Thanks for checking it out.

View in VR @ dlux.io

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