Childhood Memories

Hello all Hive Friends.

Hope you all are doing good.

While living through my childhood, whenever I used to ask any question... my parents used to say “you would understand when you grow up”. Upon listening this , I used to think,” Oh god, when would I grow up?”



Now that I have grown up, married and living in a different country as that from my parents.... I often find myself lingering upon my childhood memories.

I guess we all miss those magnificent times spent with our siblings, parents, childhood pets and friends. I am sure we all miss those childhood fights with siblings or friends,
patching up with them, playing our own made up games etc.

I still remember my dad used to wake me up every morning in a such special lovingly manner while picking me up in his cuddly arms, swinging a little and singing his own made up song to pamper me.



All those childhood memories brings me nostalgia and I would always cherish them.

Many thanks for reading and upvoting my post.This is also my entry 11 of 30 day content challenge. Hopefully I will be able to post everyday.


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