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Recently I was tagged by @itsmiessyonpeakd in one of her posts and I was curious to see what it was about... To my surprise it was The Creative Blogger Tag originally created by @jongcl and I was really excited as I miss this type of content on the blockchain! So this will be my response to this awesome initiative...

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Obligatory questions:

1. How would you add value to Hive?

I believe that we can all add something valuable, inspiring and motivating to this (or any other platform) if we approach it with an open mind and open heart, if we stay true to our good intentions and just be authentic. Over these four and a half years of blogging, I have shared all kind of content on many different topics and I can say that I have learned a lot about myself and I will still keep growing and learning as a person through life experiences as well as sharing it all using Hive as my creative outlet. Even in the simple, every day things we can all share something unique to us whether it's our writing style, photos we share or something else... I am always trying to express myself in a way that is true to me, create posts that I really feel like sharing, try to make interesting posts and I guess that's the value I can bring as a creator here on Hive. Garden related posts have kind of became my 'mark' and I really love creating those during gardening season which came to an end for this year but now that I live in a city, I think my focus will be more on the small city life. I will still try to create interesting content through my own experiences and thoughts.

2. How would you make Hive a better place?

It's been a while since I want to work on my Hive engagement and give more support to other content creators but to be honest, I really suck at keeping up with this and that's probably number one thing I could improve (a lot) to make Hive a better place from where I am now. My vote value is not huge and I cannot change someone's life with my votes but a lot of times I have found that a nice comment, kind words and support is a lot more valuable on the long run. It's what keeps people motivated and makes them feel appreciated and that's how I want to make people feel. So I definitely need to organize my time better and put more effort in engagement and supporting fellow Hive bloggers.

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Questions by @itsmiessyonpeakd:

1. What's the most memorable event that happened in your life?

This one is really hard to answer as I have a few events that stand out to me, now that I look back at my life. I think that my travels are definitely the most memorable events, the ones I cherish a lot, not only as fun experiences but also as being more open-minded person, learning a lot about other cultures, creating amazing memories - all these things are very important to me. Every time I come across a question like this, I always think of becoming an aunt as the most memorable event that happened in my life, or should I say all five times I became an aunt! :D


2. Which do you prefer, Living in a city or a suburb? And why?

As someone who has spent the entire life living in a small village and moved to a small city recently, this question fits perfectly! I am still new to city life but Novi Sad is not that big so I think that I could make a better comparison if I moved to a bigger city. But I can still notice a lot of differences... Living in my family home allowed me a luxury of having my own house, room, backyard, garden - just a lot of space and freedom that you cannot get in a small city apartment and I didn't have to be that aware of vacuuming at certain hours, volume of the music and stuff like that. But since I was living with my family, I really felt like I have reached a point where I needed my own space, independence and more responsibilities for my own life and decisions. Living in the city has been great for me so far, everything is nearby, now that the Fall is here and Winter is coming I won't be as bored as I can get at home during cold months, getting comfortable in my own cozy bubble, too lazy to go to the city and socialize or do anything really. Now it's way easier to meet up with my friends or run errands. I am still close to home and I visit my family once a week which is amazing! I feel like at this point in my life small city lifestyle is what suits me the best but my heart is always at home - countryside girl at heart forever I guess, haha.


3. How do you cope up with the situation especially this time of pandemic?

One of the reasons I moved to the city for a little while was because the colder months were approaching and I remembered how I spent last winter - always at home, in my room, watching something, reading books, not being in touch with my friends, not seeing my friends, pretty much disconnected from the people and the world. Pandemic has been very challenging for most of us and I just felt that living in a city for a few months would be the best for my mental health and I was right! Summer at home is pretty awesome so I was waiting for summer to end before I move. With this change I feel like I have some kind of a reset or fresh start so now I just need to stay organized, focus on finishing University while keeping my mental health on track, find balance in social life and I think I should be just fine. :)


4. Where do you wanna travel abroad when the pandemic is over and why?

I love traveling and it's absolutely my favorite thing in the world so after the pandemic is over, I feel like I would go ANYWHERE if I just get a chance! Literally, if anyone asks me 'Hey, wanna go to..." I would say 'YES' if I am able to afford it, haha. Being in a long distance relationship since recently makes me wanna travel any place where I can meet up with my boyfriend and spend time with him so I guess that's how I am going to choose my travel destination when the time comes.


5. What song describes your life? And why?

I have been thinking about this question a lot! Music is a big part of my life and I constantly listening to music or just have it playing in the background. Over the years I went through different stages when it comes to music, I obsessed over TOO many songs, went to a decent number of concerts and Exit festivals, have memories attached to so many songs but yet, there is no song that stands out to me that I would say it describes my life. Over the last year and a half 99,99% of time I listen to K-pop but I don't understand Korean so I cannot really say by the lyrics 'Hey, this song really describes my life!' - sometimes I look at the lyrics translated to English but not that often to be honest. I guess I will have to look for MY song and maybe I'll let you all know when/if I find it. :)


My questions for people I am tagging:

  1. What are you most grateful for today?
  2. Favorite type of posts/topics you enjoy reading on Hive the most? Also if you have a favorite blogger or community, you can give them a shout out.
  3. What lifts up your mood and makes you feel better?
  4. This year is coming to an end. What was the most memorable thing that happened to you so far?
  5. If you could have dinner with any 5 celebrities and/or Hive bloggers, who would it be and why?

I am tagging...


You are not obligated to participate, I tagged you just because I would love to read your responses to these questions. It's all just for fun! :)

Final words...

If you would like to participate, feel free to let me know and I will edit this post and add your name to the list of tagged people!

A big thank you to @itsmiessyonpeakd for tagging me and to @jongcl for creating this amazing initiative! It reminds me of good times when things like this were more common and people would enroll on challenges/tags so I hope more content like this would overflow Hive platform!

Thank you everyone for your time and patience to read this post, I really appreciate it!


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