The munyeka @cheerupwithjl tagged me from an initiative created by Miss @jongcl . My neurons and brain cells started to breakdown from this thingy. And now I'm ready for the challenge.

Anyway, I would like to thanks @cheerupwithjl for tagging me. And for Miss @jongcl for creating this one. You rock! ☺️✨

Muchas gracias Munyekas ✨


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First and foremost 😬 Let me answer these two obligatory questions. I was thinking a lot of this one since @cheerupwithjl tagged me and some of my brain cells lost its way. 😂 Let's make it quick! 😄 So,here we go!

Obligatory Question #1: How Would You Add Value to Hive?


🌸 To SUPPORT everyone no matter what race or background they come from. That no one should be left behind. Hive is a large growing community and as a newbie I think for now this is the best thing to give value to the community.

Obligatory Question #2: How would you make Hive a better place?


🌸 Making something into a better place starts from within. The best way to make a thing like hive to be a better place is to to SHOW INTEREST and RESPECT to everyone's passion. Not everyone has the ability to write awesome blogs. Showing interest and respect is the keyword to have a better place. Lesson be learned and everybody can improve along the way.


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Here are the 5 questions that @cheerupwithjl prepared for me to answer and for the others he tagged with:

1.How can you uplift someone who is an overthinker?


🌸 Uplifting someone who is an overthinker is quite difficult. Because I, myself is an overthinker too. But, oftentimes when friends overthink and I feel like I'm in the situation to talk to them. I would probably be giving my transparent opinion and discuss what keeps them occupied. Communication is always the key to everything. But, sometimes it's kinda hard especially when you're not into their shoes. Sometimes people shared their problems or thoughts because they want to shake weight of their shoulder. Not to have someone who give them solutions. But the best way is to LISTEN. Lend your ears. That would be a big help.

2.How can you make a person who has anhedonia to believe again in his/her passion?


🌸 I'm also this kind of person who shuts down very quickly when I feel something not right but in my own secretive way. I oftentimes showed a happy go lucky aura but I'm also a human like you. 😉 I have my shortcomings too. I can only recommend to always pray for guidance. Meditate for a peace of mind and heart. And always think about the brighter side even though it's hard. Think about your goal. The things that makes you alive! The kind of life you want to have. At the end of the day, do things that make you happy not what society or people around you pushes you to do. What's important is your heart and mind works as one.

3.Is there a need to filter out friends? and Why?


🌸 Everyone has different circles of friends. And mostly your circles defines you! For me, it's a YES!

Yes, if it's necessary and its not healthy amongst friends anymore. As a friend, you are also responsible for your friends behavior. As humans we tend to actually knew ourselves. But, girl! We're not. Sometimes, we need some helping hand to evaluate ourselves and speak to us. But, I always believe in second chances. People change and mature along the way ✨

4.What makes you unique?


🌸 Everyone of us is unique and different. Perhaps,what's make me unique is that I don't hold grudges. I mostly kill people with kindness. I learned it from my MOM. She always reminds me if there's someone who will do something bad to you. Don't take revenge. They are who they are. And you are who you are! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THEM. I guess that's my super unique power 😉😀

5.In owning a pet what is your best advice to those who wanted to adopt a pet

🌸 Always think and plan ahead before adopting. As I always said having a pet is a huge lifetime commitment. You need to sacrifice and be patient at all times.

Do not commit if you can't keep it.





And please consider adopting those stray animals and rescued ones. They need a warm home, a good roof over their heads. And waiting for people to welcome them in a home that they deserves.

So, here's my five questions for the people that I will tagged below 🤗

  1. What's the most memorable event that happened in your life?

  2. Which do you prefer? Living in a city or suburb? And Why?

  3. How do you cope up with the situation especially this time of pandemic?

  4. Where do you wanna travel abroad when the pandemic is over? And Why?

  5. What song that describe your life? And why?

For these five questions. I would like to ask these hivers to spare some time to participate and have some fun with it.

🌸 @nikolina
🌸 @kcwonders
🌸 @wanderingbella
🌸 @sellennee
🌸 @mrnightmare89
🌸 @jayparagat
🌸 @rosmadirazali

This is not obligatory challenge to everyone. Just do it if you feel like answering it and if you have time. After all, it's just for fun and would love to get to know more about you ☺️

Let's keep the hive fun rolling ✨🤗👋🏽

C H E E R S 🥂✨

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