бріф-мемо (En)

Daily statistics and payouts for all rounds - one hour before the 1st half (from 19:10GMT)

If you don’t have a couple of cryptobucks, I can lend, if you don’t have faith in yourself, you can delegate your right to bet to someone who believes in you

не забудьте поставіть зпт, неграммар-наци

Who does not play, he loses!

at the initial stage only 10 handicap points from the piggy bank are used

Tokens for brain work will be credited for any tournament that meets royal standards, if I participate in it, and you are effectively in the game and in the club

In order to balance those who slow down, 10 handicap points were awarded to each, non-participation in the round burns a point, at 0 the athlete leaves the table and can only return with a registration bet.
Ну подзаебался я возіться.

Easy to remember 10-»20-»40 - each number from hive-102040 twice the previous one

Community invite for wild chess players https://ecency.com/signup?referral=hive-102040
It is the members of the club who receive tokens for the work of the brain

šкоролевскіе стандарты @pereu4ivatel/sroyal-standardsŠroyal standards @antipops/skoenigliche-massstaebe
Іф ю вонт @antipops/if-yu-vontif ю want @pereu4ivatel/if-yu-want
удобное время @pereu4ivatel/convenient-timeconvenient time https://dpoll.io/detail/@pereu4ivatel/convenient-time
1шатываніе Трона @pereu4ivatel/otro-tipo-de-estadisticas-aflojandoThrone wobbles @antipops/next-type-of-statistics-throne
Автономна гра @pereu4ivatel/juego-autonomoAutonomous game @antipops/autonomous-game
Don't forget to put a comma:)
10 handicap points = 2-5 wins
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If the indicated translation options did not cope with my spelling - whistle, I will translate into your native language. Or invite a connoisseur to get +10 h.p.

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But you can just play too, the rules are needed for those who want to win.

And now almost everyone can win

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