Excellent Call Blocker Apps to Avoid Spam Calls


Do you tired of getting nuisance calls from spammers? You may, however, engage in various actions from your end.

Using a call blocker app is one technique to prevent robocalls.

Today's cell phones include number-blocking technology, but more is needed with the number of spam calls on the rise.

Aside from this, several mobile carriers provide similar services, but a good call-blocking app can undoubtedly help you avoid unwanted calls.

The market is flooded with third-party call blocker applications for Android and iOS smartphones, but picking the best from a sea of possibilities may take a lot of work.

Also, while calling, a Call Failed issue may be due to a network issue or continuously receiving spam calls.

Check out our article to see the finest applications for blocking unsolicited calls we have compiled for you.

Top Rated Call Blocking Apps

1. Hiya

Hiya is one of the finest and most affordable call-blocking applications available today.

It employs a clever algorithm to recognize all helpful calls and indicate those you should avoid.

It includes several call-management features, such as caller ID, reverse phone lookup functionality, and spam call auto-blocking.

It notifies you of spam calls and allows you to ban calls from corporations, people, and unknown numbers.

Hiya is one of the finest spam detection and call-blocking apps, efficiently identifying and banning calls from marketing organizations, debt collectors, and other entities.

2. Call Control


Call Control is another excellent call blocker, caller ID, and spam filtering program.

It is well-known for its high working standards, a large customer base of more than 12 million users, and its 4.4-star rating.

Download this Best free Call Blocker App for iOS and Android devices to eliminate spam calls from your business and home phones.

You can also use a blocklist to prevent calls from specific numbers.

Aside from that, it allows you to check the caller ID of phone calls from an unknown number.

3. Truecaller

Truecaller is a fantastic tool for blocking all nuisance and spam calls on Android and iOS devices.

It compiles a list of all the spam numbers entered by its users. It detects suspicious numbers and automatically blocks them using a community-based spam list.

It protects your communication by filtering out all unwanted calls from spammers and telemarketers.

You can also use it to look up the information for all unknown numbers. The App is free for Android and iOS users, with a user satisfaction rating of around 4.6/5.

4. Nomorobo

If you've been missing a calm phone experience and are tired of spam calls, use Nomorobo to restore tranquility to your phone.

It is well-known for providing real-time protection against all unwanted calls from telemarketers, debt collectors, robocalls, and other similar entities.

It does not stop any important robocalls, such as those from your children's schools.

With this fantastic tool, you can quickly identify and eliminate all dubious calls.

5. Trapcall


Trapcall will unmask any disguised calls. It employs an automatic spam call-blocking technique to protect you from the annoyance caused by spam and telemarketing calls.

Its creators also claim it can reveal caller information for all unknown, private, restricted, and blocked numbers.

It is free to download and works flawlessly on Android and iOS smartphones.

6. Robokiller

This one further identifies all spam calls using "digital traces."

It even prevents such calls from appearing on your phone's screen, instead sending a notification that it has blocked a call.

Another stunning feature of Robokiller is its "answer bot," which allows an automated bot to answer calls on your behalf.

You can also view all missed and blocked calls on your smartphone.

7. Mr.Number

With Mr.Number, you can identify, block, and halt any fraudulent and spam calls from your phone.

Aside from calls, it may also block SMS from specified numbers and area codes.

You can also verify the details of unknown numbers, send voice messages, or hang up the phone. It was created by Hiya and is free.

8. Sync. ME

This one has superior caller ID features that let you see the contact details and the caller's photo and name.

It claims to have the most comprehensive phone directory, with billions of phone numbers worldwide.

It employs an intelligent matching mechanism to identify and match the numbers with their respective owners' social media profiles.

9. YouMail


Send an "out of service" message with YouMail to block any unwanted calls from telemarketers and scammers.

In addition to being a call blocker program, it also provides professional call handling features such as auto-reply, call-routing, message routing, and recorded greetings. It works with both iOS and Android devices.

10. Number Call

With Number Call Blocker, you can avoid being shocked by spam calls. Use it to find out who is on the other end of the phone line.

It will notify you whether the incoming call is from a known number or a suspect source based on its database of banned numbers.

You may also use it to cross-reference any number with its database. With this excellent call blocker app for iPhone, you may have a simple phone experience.

Final Words

Choose one of the call-blocking applications for smartphones from the list above to protect yourself from all the scams.

These are some of the top Android and iOS Apps for blocking unsolicited calls.

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