Ulog #249: Goodbye @fitinfun


I'm not sure if the steemit/Hive community knows of the news yet but on Saturday noon, someone in our blogging community, Sharon @fitinfun, passed away in her sleep at Hospital Kuala Lumpur here in Malaysia. Her health wasn't in great condition as she was aging and things got worse the past 2-3 months. 3 weeks ago she called us and took our advice to get into a hospital. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and on Saturday noon she passed away in her sleep peacefully.

We got to know her and some of us like @iamjadeline and others in Team Malaysia as well as @mariannewest who have been helping her in various ways and have been supporting her as her friends while she was here in Malaysia.

I'm glad that I was a part of the final months months here on earth and had the chance to befriend and serve her in any way I was able to.

I remember her telling me that she was so happy that she met us and helped her moved to Malaysia. She said that she didn't think she would feel like she had a family again and she was happy that she did. We welcomed her into our church, our families, and cared got her the best we could. I'm glad that she enjoyed once again the presence of God and His great love that life somehow moved her away from for tens of years.

It was just less than a year of knowing her but she had become a part of our lives. Many people supported her and her livelihood as she relied only on STEEM at the time to support her which wasn't enough due to plummeting prices.

A lot of people often question us why are helping and sacrificing so much for her. I mean we're not millionaires or comfortably well to do families but I've learnt that whenever someone is in need, we do what we can to care and love.

Some may feel that they didn't do enough or didn't care enough but I wanna encourage you that you did your best in loving her and that she's better off where she in now, a place without pain or suffering.

As in her blog, you must remember how much she enjoyed Malaysian food and it was great to share our lives with her in such a simple thing as eating together.

We don't know when each of us will leave this place, but just like in Sharon's journey of life, sometimes we're only a part of their lives for awhile and I'm glad we made the most of our opportunity and got to know Sharon.

See you again Sharon in the glory realm. To infinity and beyond.


If you'd like to find out anymore details that I didn't share on this post, feel free to contact me or if you need any support morally or mentally, you can contact me as well.

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