Levelled Up!


Finally after a 3 day hiatus, I'm back! Haha

I've been a little bit busy over the weekend for reasons I'll share with you in a few. I'm just so giddy as I levelled up after 365 days of hustling and grinding. I am now a level 29 human with limited knowledge and limited resources but with unlimited creativity ready to conquer the world. Or just the webby world.


FRIDAY afternoon, my wife and I went on a quest to buy presents for my mom's birthday and my parents' wedding anniversary. We went to our fave mall, SM Seaside City.

My wife wanted to buy a present for me but didn't want me to know because she wanted it to be a surprise. We parted ways as soon as we finished our lunch. I went ahead and bought a present for myself. I've been eyeing this tablet for quite some time now and I just thought that it was the perfect time to buy it. This will be my main tool in forging my creations. For which, I'll be happy to share with you in this platform.

SATURDAY. It was my mom's birthday and it was also my parents' 41st wedding anniversary. My sisters planned the event and we rented a place with a pool near the city. It was a successful event as my mom was very happy. She was looking forward to it since it became a yearly tradition. Though the weather was a bit gloomy, it didn't stop us from having fun and enjoying each other's company.

The highlight of the day was my mom's money cake. It recently became a trend here in the Philippines. It is where the birthday celebrator pulls out a piece of plastic on top of the cake. It is connected to a roll of paper bills covered in plastic. The joy on my mother's face cannot be contained as she pulled the bills from the cake. It was a picture perfect moment but I wasn't able to capture it as I was preoccupied with clapping my hands and watching how happy my mom was. Though my sisters had their cameras on, I'm sure they'll post it in here on their respective blogs.

SUNDAY. It was THE day. My day. Yes, my mom and I almost share the same birthday. Most of the time we celebrate it together on her day.

This year my wife and I decided to continue our yearly tradition of eating at our favorite buffet place in the other SM Mall. We started this tradition back in 2017 when we knew about Viking's birthday promo. My wife @krystalogue posted about it in her blog.

We were very excited since we weren't able to go there last year due to the pandemic restrictions. Our excitement was replaced with disappointment as soon as we entered the restaurant. The food options were not as many as we got used to. So it was a bit underwhelming.

Note: All photos were taken by my wife, she also posted it in her blog!

Wifey's favorite spot because shrimps haha

My favorite spot because pork humba hahaha

We both loved this

Birthday boy is happy

Anyway, I'm just glad that I am very blessed that I still get to celebrate my birthday. Especially in these trying times. I just wish that this pandemic will be over soon and we can return to our normal, unrestricted lives.

Day 1 of 365

Today, October 11, starts day one of another 365 and a quarter day journey. And one way to start this new page is to learn something new. That's why I am introducing you to my new learned subskill, pixel art. I had so much fun making and learning this.

I made these pixel illustrations from the gifts I received. Mostly from my wife haha

backpack for athletes (+5 inventory slots)

red checkered shirt (+1 armor)

pen and tablet (+5 productivity)

graphic novel (+3 fighting skills)

instant coffee (+2 alertness)

running shoes (+4 movement speed)

quick animation loop of me on my birthday

That is all, folks. I look forward to another levelling up next year! See you on my next post!


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