Proud moment

I'm feeling super chuffed on this Monday morning.. 😊 Some of you might know I've got a bit of an addiction where it comes to photography.. 😂 I drive my family bonkers as absolutely everything needs to be photographed. Sometimes it's not quite a bad thing though.. 😉 I'm by no means a professional photographer but it's an absolute passion with me to snap everything I can with whatever camera I have on me at the moment. This weekend I found out 4 of my flower photos made it to the top 61 out of hundreds of fabulously beautiful entries in a contest I entered. 😊 There's no prizes nor certificates but the most important is the acknowledgement of one's efforts which means the world to me. ♥ Thank you to the Photography Contests International by Raajan Patil... ( group for all the effort in presenting these contests.




All photos are my own

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