#IAmAliveChallenge- Anime that made me

So so alive tribe how we doing? I wanted to talk about some of the anime that have had an effect on me as I was growing up. I haven't watched a full anime in a while, but that just shows how memorable these shows where to me. I'll only be talking about 3 anime today, but there are so many more I'd love to talk about.

No. 1: Dragon Ball Z

I know a basic choice but this was one of my first anime. Gohan specifically has had a great effect on me as a kid. Gohan was under pressure from his father and the villains he had to fight to be a great fighter. But Gohan wanted to be a scholar, Gohan showed me that you don't have to go on the path your parents laid for you, but that you should blaze your own path.

No. 2: Anohana

Anohana was a tragic yet beautiful story about friendship. This show made me go back to old friends I hadn't spoken to in years. This show made me do my best to hold on to my good friends as well as I can.

No. 3: Tsurezure children

Romance is one of my all time favorite genres, anime often doesn't have realistic depictions of real relationships, but this show has several different kinds of relationships. It has younger, older, more physical, less physical, cute, awkward and so many different types of couples. This is a show that gave me better view of hat real relationships look like. It even gave me the confidence to ask out my first girlfriend all those years ago.

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