Simple Way to Download Xpadder in 2021

Xpadder is a kind of customizable gamepad for playing PC games on computers having no joystick support.

It allows full mouse and keyboard emulation. It comes integrated with multiple built-in and customizable controllers, which makes multiplayer gameplay real fun.

Xpadder for Windows 10 64 bit & 32 bit enables joystick functionality to DOS (Disk Operating System).

You can play Internet-based games by using this pad. It supports windows applications web browsers too. You can use free download Xpadder for Windows 7 64 bit as a music/video player for Windows


  1. Xpadder Free Full setup from the official safe download link: Free Xpadder Download
  2. Downloadable with your favorite download manager without any bandwidth restrictions.
    A standard gamepad for almost any PC game.
  3. Multiple profile administration using shareable files
    Fully customizable to fit your needs.s (Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and maybe Vista and XP).
  4. Assign keys for games in many ways.
  5. Play games with gamepads rather than the traditional keyboard gameplay mode.
    Mouse simulator for gamepad
  6. Play games with gamepads rather than the traditional keyboard gameplay mode.
    Mouse simulator for gamepad
  7. Easily compatible with steering wheels, guitars, dance mats, drum kits, etc.
    Keyboard key press buttons access in gamepad
  8. Easy to play games on PC without a joystick.

Xpadder Languages

It is available in English ,Deutsch ,Español ,Português (Brasileiro) ,Português (Portugal) ,Italiano ,Français ,Pусский язык ,简体中文 ,正體字 ,Polski and日本語languages.

How to install Xpadder on Windows?

Xpadder Download
Installation is straightforward. If you can install any software on Windows OS, the Xpadder is just the same to install.

Actually, Xpadder comes as a portable program. The installer just extracts the files on your specified folder and then opens the folder and runs the executable file.

  1. Download Xpadder from
    Xpadder Download
  2. Run xpadder.
  3. Press Accept button.


Xpadder comes in handy when you are uncomfortable with Keyboard and mouse gameplay. Moreover, some games are truly amazing to play only on gamepads/joysticks. But the PC version of the game does not natively support gamepads. That’s when you have to install Xpadder to play that specific game using the game controllers.

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