New hive public RPC node online

I'm happy to announce a new public full RPC node is available now at

It's based in Finland, has 3x 1tb SSD's, 64gb of ram and a beasty Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz
It's also a seed node listening on port 2001

Available Plugins:

witness webserver p2p json_rpc database_api network_broadcast_api condenser_api block_api rc_api account_by_key account_by_key_api tags tags_api follow follow_api market_history market_history_api account_history_rocksdb account_history_api

I also have an experimental REST api at with a few endpoints (more to come)

I've been making a verson of steemworld for hive (from scratch, open source) that has been live for a few weeks already. It's still buggy and I hate the way it looks, but the fundamentals work. I'll post a link when its more polished, but its available now if you can figure out where I hid it ;)

I'm also hoping to launch the rebranded SGL / @sonicgroovelive as @hivelive within the next week :)

Stay Safe in these crazy days and I hope you all bought the dip !


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