Witness Update : Running v1.24.2


HF24 is around the corner (October 6 at 14:00 UTC) and I am now running v1.24.2 on my witness. The core developers made an amazing work that I believe will be a stepping stone for building the great things to come.

I think a HF is also a good time to reflect on the work of witnesses and I ll take some time in the coming weeks to reevaluate my votes.

As for myself, here is my long overdue witness update :

Witness status

As shown here, my witness is currently ranked 21st with 3,320 votes worth 98.2 GVests.
I have only missed 106 blocks in nearly 3 years and have scripts in place to make sure my witness is disabling itself after missing one in both main and backup servers.

Major contributions to Hive


I am a developer so I guess most of you know me for some of the following:

  • Lead developer of Hive Keychain. Keychain is in my opinion instrumental to the growth of dApps on our blockchain and is now the project I'm working on as a priority. Thanks to the DHF support, I am now developing both the extension and a mobile App. Both are opensource and available on Github.
  • I publish a development update every week regarding the progress made on Keychain (both for extension and Apps)
  • I have automated @hbdpotato HBD conversions, learn more in this post.
  • I plan to release a React library to make it easier to create modern front-ends on Hive.


  • Back in the days, I ve wrote a pretty useful guide to learn to use steem.js for Javascript development : Steem.js for Dummies. There are 11 different tutorials in this series and they are still relevant for Hive. I plan to make a new series of posts, more up to date and tailored to Hive.
  • I wrote a comprehensive guide about how to use Multisig.


  • I have proposed guidelines for funding development through DHF here and am abiding to these guidelines in my work on Keychain.
  • I have proposed the idea of a fund to represent HIVE at major blockchain events around the world here. I even prepared a proposal for this but I'm saving it for later due to Covid-19 and related travel bans.
  • I have hosted an Elevator Pitch Contest to try and find better ways to pitch Hive in a short time.

If you want to support my witness, you can vote for me directly from this link or by voting @stoodkev on this page

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