Steem Elevator Pitch Contest

You are at a major blockchain event. You want to convince me that Steem has a bright future ahead and is worth investing in. The problem is that I'm pretty busy so you'll have to pitch you idea during my elevator ride, that happens to be exactly one minute.

Elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a pretty common but difficult exercise in the startup world. You usually have somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to convince a jury that your idea is awesome. It's important to be able to keep it this short to make sure that you have a clear vision about what the project aims to achieve and what it is at its core. A project is not just just a bunch of features stacked together, it needs to have a clear direction.
In the case of Steem, a blockchain with so many features, it will be a particularly complex task. It would probably be easier to make a 30 minutes video about it. But busy people don't have 30 minutes to give you right away, they might later, but first you will need to convince them during this first minute.


  • Post a video of you pitching the Steem blockchain, on 3speak, dTube or other video platform.
  • Make a post on Steem using the steem-elevator tag.
  • The video has to be 1 minute long at maximum. Not 1:05, not 1:01, 1:00. In these kind of pitches, the interlocutor wouldn't hesitate to stop you mid-sentence if you are taking too long.
  • 1 minute is extremely short, carefully chose which topics are the most important to catch the attention of the interlocutor. If your 1 minute pitch convince him the original idea is good, he will give you more time later on and ask questions.
  • A short time doesn't mean you need to speak faster. Be articulate. Quality over quantity.
  • Do your research, there s plenty information about how to make a great elevator pitch out there.
  • Your interlocutor is knowledgeable about blockchain in general, don't waste time over basic concepts.
  • The contest will last one week, starting now.


This contest idea received a lot of support from the community and especially big stakeholders. There will be liquid rewards and whales upvotes based on the quality of the submission. To keep this decentralized, I propose that each decide whom to upvote/send rewards based on perceived quality, rather than electing an overall winner. I also encourage the whole community to check the contributions on steem-elevator tag and curate them.

Liquid rewards


Thank you all!

Steem on!

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