Thcdrops 46-48

Made a random thcdrops 3x30ml 450drops 7,999,991,350 left to go. Project is to make happy 8 billions people. To provide people a trade-free cannabis. What is your trade-free project, product or service?. Trade creates most of the today's problems. Can you name it? It is everywhere just watch stupid TV ir you can watch curated news at
You can educate yourself at Instead of becoming retarded watching Netflix. Just don't forget to grab the trade-free cannabis from Cannabbee only UK .
Growing and providing food for people is in our blood, trade created haliucibation in our brains that we need to be paid of growing food, providing services like hospitals,schools or even water. Human have desire to live so give them that they need the basic need like house, food and water and you can fcuk off your life with trades if you like . You can trade your brains with aliens -I don't mind.
We lost reality of our lives just because of trade. Trade is our blood and creates a lot mental health issues. People are depressed and stressed without no reason, because trade creates them by force to worry about money when we have abundance of stuff and food.
Life is beautiful and we all destroying by the trade. Take trade-free cannabis relax and just think and give examples how trade forces you to lie, corrupt, don't care, be selfish pig 🐷 and more


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