Reviewing Hive communities that help newcomers


The first Hive community that I came across that helps newcomers is Hive Naija.

Hive Naija is a Hive community that helps bring new Hive users together from Nigeria.

Their main reason for creating the community is to "... unify the Nigerians on Hive," as they state in one of their posts.

They also stand to promote their culture and society. In their introductory post, they claim, "Understanding the reputation our country might have in the media, we hope to use this project as an avenue to showcase to the world that a lot of good can come out of this."

One thing I like about this platform, which is different from some of the others I've seen, is that they offer contests in order to possibly boost the content creators and the community.

They host writing, photography, and videography contests for the community members to partake in and the winners of these contests would reap the rewards of upvotes and recognition. This also would attract more people to the community to be involved. It is a win-win for everybody.


Another community on Hive that is catered towards newcomers is the Newbies Initiative.

Unlike Hive Naija, the Newbies Initiative was not specifically made for a certain community.

Their main focus is the train new users on how to use and understand Hive Blockchain. They also welcome people who have not been able to grow their accounts as much as they would like to.

This initiative is very unique from what I have seen from other accounts. What makes them different is that they have different programs that relaunch every 3 months with new sets of people that join the initiative.

When joining the initiative, you have to apply and wait to be approved by the founders. Once someone is selected, they are required to complete tasks and some training.

During the 3-month duration of the initiative, the newcomers create/ are given monthly goals and tasks to complete that help them familiarize themselves with the Hive Blockchain and gain more traction.

They also have instructional videos to help them with different things. For example, they have a video showing them how to create visually pleasing posts/ markdowns.

Another helpful tool that they use to connect all of the users together is their discord server. This discord a place where they can connect and ask questions/ get feedback from others and the creators of the initiative.


If anyone is going to try to start another community that helps newcomers on the Hive platform, I recommend taking some of the practices of these two communities I have reviewed.

Some of the things I would include in a new initiative:

  • A discord where everyone can connect and ask questions
  • Tasks or projects that the newcomers should complete to stay active in the community
  • Weekly or monthly contests to keep the newcomers engaged and excited about being a part of a community


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