Fun, interactive, photographic games for the whole HIVE community.

- Created in 2018 - Rebooted May 2021

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- [History and reboot](

- Please read community rules to make sure everything functions properly

- Each week 40% of the holdings of @photogames.pool will be used as prize money

- Each week official PhotoStars will be selected to run several #Official-Game and reward winners and all this will go toward official standings.

- Visit for full experience

#PREFERRED-TOPICS (in case you're using an interface that doesn't show these)














- This is for photogames posts ONLY

- Posts must make @photogames.pool a beneficiary (We will remove any others)

- Photographs must be taken by the person submitting them

- You must use a #preferred-topic to categorize posts

- No mis-use of a #preferred-topic (Check this post for details about each preferred-topic)

- You may run your own #for-fun-game with your own prizes

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