Travel Around the World with my Mommy Letz #4


This photo was one of our best dinners in Japan. It was very affordable but it made our tummy heavy!


The few days we spent in Nagoya were truly worth remembering. Our hearts wanted to stay for one more day and enjoy the best of Nagoya. However, our itchy feet brought us to our next destination by force, the famous and vibrant Kyoto! We needed to follow our schedule though.

Our second time in Kyoto remained equally enthusiastic and eager as our previous vacation. The well-preserved houses and the busy streets continued to fascinate me. However, my Mom insisted to go back to Arashiyama bamboo grove the next day, which apparently is one of her favorite destinations. We went there few years back in autumn. The fiery mood of the season made every moment of the trip really exciting. It was very vivid how we explored and hired a rickshaw puller to tour us around the area. These rickshaw pullers were great photographers too!



We were very nostalgic as we walked from the train station going to the bamboo grove. Time flies so fast unnoticed. Before reaching the said attraction, we decided to go left to see the Togetsukyo bridge. We missed this last time. The place was incredibly charming and scenic. A couple approached me to take a picture of them and in return, the lady kindly offered to take us a picture as well.





It would have been much lovely if we visited the bridge during the autumn so we could see the mountains mantled by red, orange and yellow leaves. There would be so much play of natural colors captivating one's eyes.

Nevertheless, we saw something different this time around. Off, we went on walking to reach the bamboo grove. Taking pictures was a huge challenge since there were too many tourists strolling and enjoying the place. I tried a lot of times until I got these photos.




We were hoping to find again a rickshaw puller to bring us at the train station but we found nobody at that time. Our tired feet needed enough rest for the next day's destination. But since we had no choice, we decided to leave and went on walking. Fortunately, we found a spot with lesser people instead. We tried to enjoy the place like we own it. No pressure from the crowd and no eyesore on the background. Here's what we got...



Every journey has a unique story. Yes, it is very tiresome and even boring or some other times it is scary. Nonetheless, it is the thrill and the fun altogether make it colorful. There will always be new things out there waiting to be discovered but the most fulfilling part of the journey is knowing you are secured and safe because you have prayerful Mom beside you.

See you in my next feature and allow me to humbly thank you for patiently reading my travel stories.

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