Trump Vs. CNN Meme Wars

Rome did not have internet. Rome fell. We have internet now unlike before. We can educate each other better than before. Rome CNN had more power a long time ago like the Emperor in Star Wars. Use it or lose it. We lose when we do not fight for freedoms. Look back at history. Look at the patterns of history.

The bad people win when we are dumb.

We can educate each other. We can. Yes, we can, said Obama. But why did Black America get worse under Obama, the first black USA President? Things were getting better in the USA for black people and many people but then Obama became President. Look at what CNN did. Look at the fall of empires like Rome. Look at the patterns.

We live in a very special time.

Our world can fall like Rome did, or we can come together and fight to stop Soros and Rothschild and Clinton and centralization and world banks and the NWO and many bad people from killing us and from brain washing us too much like Hitler and other people.
Make a CNN TRUMP video or photo or meme or GIF.
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