Travel and Leisure 4: My trip to Egypt and the great Pyramids

Hi Steemians

As a small child dreaming of visiting new places, I had only two destinations in mind. One of them was Egypt and the great pyramids. The second was India and the great history.

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I visited Egypt in the time of their coup. You might think that I am crazy, but yes I take risks in everything :) Actually I booked my flight for the new year, but the airline postponed it many time. They didnt had many passengers going to Egypt at that time. After some days the flight was confirmed so I packed my luggage and prepared myself. Took a train instead of a taxi and ended up missing my flight :( Got a seat after two days and I remember that we were no more than 30 passengers on board.

I booked a Hostel in the city centre. Exactly in Talaat Harb Square. It was a nice place with a nice local market. The first thing I did was to get Egyptian food which is (Ful wa Tameya) Fava Beans and Falafel. I have seen it all my life in their movies and wanted to try it. I bought more than I can eat in that night, because I was imagining myself starving lol
The food was delicious and the hostel was very clean and peaceful.

In my first day I visited the Egyptian Museum as it contains an excellent Artifact Collection of the ancient Egyptian civilization It was very big and you need one or two days to check everything in it. I was always fascinated by ancient Egypt and wanted to read every detail written there. I dont prefer to hire a guide when visiting museums, because we have enough information written beside every artifact. The Tutankhamun's treasures and the mummy room were amazing. Even the ancient jewelry, clothing and pottery. Every single piece is unique!

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In my second day I visited the City Stars Mall in Cairo. It is a very big and famous mall where you find almost every brand. A good place to hangout and have a good meal or coffee. They have a wide variety of food for reasonable prices.

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In my third day I visited the local bazaar "Khan el-Khalili". It is a nice market with a huge variety of items. Lovely atmosphere and nice place for shopping or souvenirs.
I spent only two hours there then had to go and visit the pyramids in Giza. Unfortunately I couldnt stay for a long time there. Traffic is a huge problem in Cairo and it took me one hour to reach Giza and another one hour to go back.
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It was great experience to visit one of the 7 wonders of the World. I got the tickets for the same price as the locals, because I knew their language from movies :) I also managed to buy some souvenirs for a reasonable price. But I suggest you not to buy the souvenirs from Giza, because they are a bit expensive. So better to buy them from the Bazaar.

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It is a bit far to walk from the main street till the Pyramids. You can use a Taxi or a camel if you are in hurry. I decided to have a camel ride and a local guide, who was a professional photographer as well :)
I dont suggest you to book your hotel room in Giza, because there isn't much to see there other than the pyramids. The food was amazing and the people very friendly and helpful. I definitely need to visit again, because there are many things to see there :)

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