A simple, but powerful message

Over these past years since TROM has become a
thing, I’ve come across many groups of people or
just individual people who claim to be aligned
with what TROM is, and they contacted me
several times over the years to try and explain
that to me. I’ve heard about groups who want to
intelligently manage the Earth’s resources and
provide for everyone, groups who were all about
promoting self sustainable technology, and
those who only proposed renewable energy;
people who were saying that becoming vegan is
the way to go about changing the world, groups
who were against money and those who were
pro cryptocurrencies. Gift economies, different
currencies, meritocracies, or ‘true’ democracies.
Many many ideas. A planet of them. But what I
think is lacking amongst these groups is a clear
vision of what it is that we want, because we all
seem to want a better world for everyone and to
get rid of the problems we see today: war,
violence, poverty, stress, corruption, and so on.

So we indeed have many things in common like
ending hunger and poverty, taking care of people
and the environment, using clean renewable
sources of energy, becoming a planetary species,
arriving at decisions through science, creating a
level of security and comfort for all of us, and so
forth. That’s all great, but to me it seems all over
the place. Where to focus first and how? Which
one is more important? This is why I decided to
define TROM’s mission in one word, that can
then be described easily in a sentence, and
afterwards understood in simple paragraphs that
even a 10 year old would understand. And all of
this will encompass the common ideas that all of
these organizations seem to have.
Basically, most of what I’ve heard being talked
about in terms of changing the world for the past
many years is engulfed into what I am going to
describe in a single word, then a sentence, then
several paragraphs.
What do we want?
I think this is the best question that not
many seem to have the time or drive to
ponder about, perhaps being caught up in
trying to change something in the world
(activism!?), and this is what I am going to
ask TROM right now. I want to do that
because we must not lose track of what we
are trying to achieve.
So, TROM, what is it that you
want? Why all of this struggle
with books and videos, social
networks and newsletters, quizzes
and memes?


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