The Mind's Eye: Week #7️⃣ + Winner(s) from Last Week


The Mind's Eye is a contest that embodies what we all love to do and why we're here - to JUST BE YOU! People do this in different ways and one of those ways is by surfing and sharing what they find interesting online and another, is by publishing their real life experience(s). With that in 'mind', there will be two different winners for this contest at the end of each week. The contest itself, is a themed one, with your general genre being given out on Sundays (today) for you to think about throughout the week with each day having a unique subject. This week's theme is IN THE WATER!. 😁

Ways To Enter:

  1. Creating and sharing a post to our community - The Alliance
  2. Sharing content using the AltYes mobile app or browser extension

The Alliance Community

It's high time that we start making use of this pretty little feature and soaking up a few of the things it has to offer. One of those things is a dedicated feed specific to an organization. Being one of the oldest and long-standing communities on the chain, we figure we might as well start employing this. It will also make it way easier to find entries. This is where we will most likely expect to see all original and maybe even personally created content 😇


#altyes is a dApp created by the team @fullalt. It allows you to share anything you find on the internet to your own personal blog feed. Done properly, a link will populate to the article or source you used. A video from ESPN. A Pinterest pin. A Reddit column. Even other people's publications and posts here on Hive! There is a link up above and there will be another below for people to get the app.


Prizes - 20 HIVE

  • 10 HIVE will be awarded to 2 (two) entries on each Saturday
  • One winner will be pulled from entries that used the #altyes app
  • One winner will be pulled from entries in #thealliance community

Winner(s) of Week #6!

There are many thing a person can wear on their heads. I'm a fan of hats personally, and some people love piercings and with Covid, masks are not usually optional. We seen some great entries this past week and the one we liked best was because - BATMAN. Ha! Congrats again to @marybellrg, your winnings have been sent!

image.pngThe Mind's Eye: Week #6️⃣ │ Masks of life (ON YOUR HEAD!).

We hope everyone has some fun in this super easy contest. We know everyone sees the world differently and that is the main thing we wish to experience through your 'mind's eye'. We are excited to see it spread and the competition get thicker. For now, @enginewitty is donating the HIVE for the prizes. He will also be one of the judges alongside @latino.romano. If anyone would like to add to the prize pool, simply comment what
you would like to do or come find us in the Castle discord server. Let's do it!


The graphics specialist for @fullalt is fellow family member, @inthenow, but this particular one was made by @suheri and given to us a while back. Thank you for making that happen @wesphilbin! #altyes is a creation by @guiltyparties, @jackmiller, @inthenow, @enginewitty and the developer, @mahdiyari. Feel free to stop over to the @fullalt 'section' of Hive and see what other amazing things they are doing! In the meantime, find peace and happiness in all you do and while you do, REMEMBER TO BE YOU!

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