EOL - Terrive

Terrive is coming to an end ( I am really sorry about this ).

Why ?

I have thought hard about this and there is nothing else I can do.

I am not going to gloat or whine but life is hard and sometimes you have to make hard choices.

I will be having a mostly offgrid life for a while.

What now ?

You probably won't see me around anywhere in the internet for a while, So terrive won't be getting any updates from my side.

Terrive's ( legacy ) code will archived on github and the code for the newer half-made UI of Terrive will be uploaded to github in a few days ( also archived ).

( you are free to fork either one if you want to )

The website will not be accessible through the terrive.one domain after one month from the date of this post.

After which the domain will display an EOL notice along with a link to this post.

But it can always be accessed directly from IPFS using the link provided in the releases page on github, for older versions check for the hashes at the bottom of my previous posts.

I cannot guarantee you that these links will be pinned for a long time but they should be accessible as long as Infura's IPFS pinning service does not remove them.


I apologize to every one of you amazing humans who supported terrive and kept encouraging me for all these months 🙇.

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