Writing Club

A community dedicated to writing and literature.

Exploring literature is an art of the soul, we want to see your most sincere thoughts captured in a real and heartfelt essay.

Be sure to use tools to help you improve your writing and spelling before posting to our community.

There are no limits in literature and therefore we won't impose them on you either, however, try to do your best and do your best to fulfill the grammatical and literary rules, taking into account the types of verses for poems, the word limit for micro-stories, etc.


- You can post here all you're original writings never posted on other platforms, plagiarism and reposts can lead to being banned or muted, so please, avoid that behavior.

- Make use of good spelling in your publications, nothing is more satisfying than reading something well written.

- You can be as creative as you can be, the themes and genres in literature are many, so explore them all.

- Not to promote hatred towards other people, groups of people, religions or personal beliefs.

- Feel free to invite your friends to join, sharing and commenting on the posts you like the most.

- Only one post per day (24 hours) is allowed.

- No cross-posting

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